Anna Franceschini

1979 en Pavia, Lombardia, Italia
Anna Franceschini. Cortesía Art Situacions
Reside en Milan, Lombardia, Italia
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Descripción del Artista
Nacida en 1979, Pavia, Italia Vive y trabaja en Milán y Bruselas Educación 2006 DIPLOMA Film Direction, Scuola Civica di Cinema e Nuovi Media , Milan, IT 2004-2006 MA Television, Cinema and Multimedia Production, IULM University, Milan, IT 2001-2003 BA Media Studies, IULM University, Milan, IT Residencias 2009-2010 Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten, Amsterdam, NL 2011 Castello Malaspina, Fosdinovo, IT 2011 Kusthuis Syb, Beetsterzwaag, NL 2011 VIR / Viafarini In Residence, Milano, IT 2013 ISCP, New York, USA 2013 Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Parigi, Paris, FR 2014 MACRO Museum, Roma, IT Becas 2014 GAI, Association for the Young Italian Artists Circuit / Ministero per i beni e le Attività Culturali, MOVIN’UP, IT 2012 -13 Italian Academy Fellowship, Columbia University, New York, US 2011 Nicoletta Fiorucci Art Trust Fellowship, Italy 2010 KPN Fellowship, The Netherlands 2008 GAI, Association for the Young Italian Artists Circuit / Ministero per i beni e le Attività Culturali, MOVIN’UP, IT 2007 RES. SCHOLARSHIP ‘Contemporary Italian Cinema: History and Critics’, IULM University, Milan, ... IT Premios 2012 Premio New York, Ministero degli Affari Esteri, IT 2012 Premio TERNA, IT 2012 MacroAmici Prize, Roma Contemporary 5, IT 2012 Premio d’Arte Contemporanea Ermanno Casoli, IT 2011 Ariane the Rothschild Prize, IT – mention of honour 2008 I Festival del Cine Italiano de Madrid, Short movies award, ES – special mention 2008 TFF / Torino Film Festival – distribution award (Seleccionadas) exposiciones individuales y a dúo ANNA FRANCESCHINI, Kunstverein für die Rheinlande und Westfalen, DE (forthcoming) ANNA FRANCESCHINI – MEDIA FACADE, curated by F. Carazzato, Museion, Bolzano, IT (forthcoming) 2014 LAWS OF ATTRACTION – Spike Island – Bristol – UK OPEN STUDIO AT MACRO, Macro Museum , Rome, IT THE DIVA WHO BECAME AN ALPHABET, Elisa Platteau Gallery, Bruxelles, BE BEFORE THEY BREAK, BEFORE THEY DIE, Vistamare / Benedetta Spalletti, Pescara, IT 2013 ‘FACING MERCURIO’ REBECCA DIGNE/ANNA FRANCESCHINI, Jeanine Hofland Contemporary Art, Amsterdam, NL SPLENDID IS THE LIGHT IN THE CITY OF NIGHT, curated by A. Viliani, Istituto Italiano di Cultura, Parigi, FR (c) ES IST VERDAMMT HEISS HIER, curated by M. Farronato, Fondazione Bevilaqua La Masa, Venezia, IT ‘FOR IN AND OUT, ABOVE, ABOUT, BELOW, ‘TIS NOTHING BUT A MAGIC SHADOW- SHOW’ ACT II, The Italian Academy/Columbia University, New York, USA EQUINOX. ALMOST A TRYPTIC, curated by C. Vecchiarelli, The Emily Harvey Foundation, New York 2012 THE STUFFED SHIRT , Peep-Hole, Milano, IT HALATION, curated by C. Fitzpatrick, Objectif Exhibitions, Antwerp, BE A SIBERIAN GIRL, curated by L. Barreca, EX-ELETTROFONICA, Roma, IT SUBJECTIVE PROJECTIONES / ANNA FRANCESCHINI, curated by A. Rabottini, Bielefelder Kunstverein, Bielefeld, DE 2011 LET’S FUUUUCK! I’LL FUCK ANYTHING THAT MOOOOVES! , curated by M. Farronato with R. Selvaggio, Volcano Extravaganza, Stromboli, IT TO KNOW A THING YOU MUST CALL IT BY ITS NAME , curated by A. Salvadori, Castello Malaspina, Fosdinovo, IT THEA DJORDJATZE: QUITE SPEECH IN WIDE CIRCULATION /// SCREENING ROOM: ANNA FRANCESCHINI, curated by Wim Walpurt, Kiosk Gallery, Ghent, BE (Seleccionadas) exposiciones colectivas 2014 PRE POST ALPHABET curated by E. Fabbris and G. del Vecchio – Museo Nitsch – Napoli – IT (forthcoming) GLITCH. INTERFERENZE TRA ARTE E CINEMA IN ITALIA curated by D. Giannella – PAC | Padiglione Arte Contemporanea – Milano, IT UN RUMORE BIANCO – curated by A. Bruciati – ASSAB ONE – Milano, IT WILD THINGS– curated by J. Laia – THE GREEN PARROT – Barcelona, SP SCORE, curated by S. Brill and A. Cestelli Guidi, MARCO, Vigo, SP DREAMS THAT MONEY CAN’T BUY, an exhibition by cura, MAXXI, Rome, IT ENCHANTED: THE POETICS OF WONDER, curated by I. Gianni, FuriniArteContemporanea, Arezzo, IT NON POTENDOMI ARRAMPICARE SULLE NUVOLE, PRESI PER LE COLLINE, curated by E. Fabbris, various locations, Valdagno, IT INDIEMOVINGIMAGE, curated by J. Laia, MNAC – Museu do Chiado, Lisbon, PT (c) TO CONTINUE. NOTES TOWARDS A SCULPTURE CYCLE. SECOND CHAPTER: VISION, curated by I. Gianni, Nomas Foundation, Rome, IT 2013 ONE THOUSAND FOUR HUNDRED AND SIXTY, Peep-Hole, Milano, IT ONE DAY THE DAY WILL COME WHEN THE DAY WILL NOT COME, curated by M. Farronato, Futura, Prague (c) HET PLATEAU EFFECT, curated by E. Carels, The Zebrastraat, Gent, BE NON E’ UN PAESE PER VECCHI?, curated by A. Croci and F. Florian, Palazzo Ducale, Genoa, IT (c) THE PERFECT MARBLE FACE , curated by J. Ots, Elisa Platteau Gallery, Bruxelles, BE GREEN FLOWER STREET, curated by A.R. Paris, Tatiana Kourochkina Gallery, Istanbul, TR THE WORLD HAS ALREADY BEEN FILMED. NOW IT IS TIME TO TRANSFORM IT , curated by M.R. Sossai, Istituto Italiano di cultura, Istanbul, TR IT IS A PLACE OF FORCE , curated by L. Alavanou, Remap4, Athens, GR CHINESE WHISPERS curated by A. Baccin, L. Francesconi, I. Gianni, I. Marotta, C. Paissan, cura.basement, Rome, IT THE 338 HOURS CINECLUB – curated by R. Doubal, A. Steadman, E. Vincent, Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Torino, IT (c) TRACES OF LIFE , curated by A. Roger-Paris, Wentrup Gallery, Berlin, DE EXTRA LARGE, works from the Italian main collections, MACRO Testaccio, Rome, IT “WANNA BE A MASTERPIECE” , curated by I. Marotta, ISCP Gallery, New York, US 2012 THE FLYING CARPETS, curated by Philippe-Alain Michaud, Villa Medici, Roma, IT / Les Abbatoirs, Toulouse, FR (c) NOTTURNO, curated by P. Caravati, Unosolo Project Space, Milano, IT CARTA BIANCA, curated by C. Guida, Museo d’arte contemporanea Villa Croce, Genova, IT THE ELEVENTH HOUR, curated by M. Novotny, Futura, Prague, CZ A TEXT IS A THING, curated by A. Rabottini and V. de Bellis, VISTAMARE, Pescara, IT 2011 I NUMERI PRIMI – curated by A. Bruciati, ArtVerona, Verona, IT (c) ARIANE THE ROTHSCHILD PRIZE, curated by L. Barreca and M. Smarrelli, Palazzo Reale, Milano, IT, (c) 2010 VIDEOREPORT_ITALIA 2008-09, curated by Andrea Bruciati, GC.AC, Monfalcone, IT (c) RIJKSAKADEMIE OPEN STUDIO, Amsterdam, NL (c) DON’T LOOK NOW- NON VOLTARTI ADESSO, curated by Milovan Farronato, Ca’ Pesaro, Venezia, IT (c) (Selected) film/video screenings 2014 FUORIFORMATO – curated by T. isabella -Filmmaker Festival – Milan – IT (forthcoming) 2014 FACTIONAL TALES. A NEW GENERATION – curated by M. Angelotti | Careof DOCVA -VIDEOEX – Zurich – CH (c) 2013 CARTE BLANCHE A LA RIJKSAKADEMIE – Centre Pompidou – Paris – FR 2013 LO SCHERMO DELL’ARTE | VILLA ROMANA – Florence – IT (c) 2013 COURTISANE FESTIVAL 2013 – Gent – BE (c) 2013 IFFR – International Film Festival Rotterdam – Rotterdam – NL 2012 ON WORDS AND OTHER GESTURES – curated by C. Vecchiarelli – Emily Harvey Foundation – New York – US 2012 FILMMAKER FESTIVAL – (official trailer of the Festival) – MIlano -IT (c) 2012 MILANO FILM FESTIVAL – program curated by D. Giannella – Milano – IT (c) 2012 ROOM 19 – THE DOMMERING COLLECTION AT THE GEMEENTEMUSEUM DEN HAAG -Anna Franceschini – The player may not change his position – Gemeentemuseum – The Hague – NL 2012 WIJ ZULLEN DOORGAN, DE KUNST VAN HET OUDER WORDEN – curated by E.Vossen – Het DolHuys – Haarlem – NL 2011 REMIX /MUSIC IN VIDEO – curated by M. Tampon – Lajarriette – Usine Kugler – Geneva – CH 2011 IO NON HO MANI CHE MI ACCAREZZINO IL VOLTO – by A. Bruciati – WHITE.FISH.TANK – Ancona – IT (c) 2010 FILMMAKER DOC 15 – Milano – IT (c) 2010 IDFA // DOCS FOR SALE – Amsterdam – NL (c) 2010 AKV – ST. JOOST – screening curated by Camiel van Winkel – Breda – NL 2010 CAIRO VIDEO FESTIVAL – curated by Medrar for Contemporary Art – Goethe Institut ///Townhouse – Cairo – EG 2010 SHE DEVIL 4 – invited by Simona Brunetti – Studio Miscetti – Roma – IT 2009 TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES FILM FESTIVAL – T or C – New Mexico – USA 2009 ANNECY CINEMA ITALIEN –Annecy – FR (c) 2009 FILMMAKER DOC 14 – Milano- IT (c) 2009 EUGANEA FILM FESTIVAL – Colli Euganei – IT (c) 2009 IL CINEMA ITALIANO VISTO DA MILANO – Milano – IT (c) 2009 WILD SIDE- ESTERNI – Milano – IT (c) 2009 SGUARDI ALTROVE– Milano – IT (c) 2008 60° LOCARNO FILM FESTIVAL – Locarno – CH (c) 2008 FESTIVAL DEL CINE ITALIANO – Madrid – SP (c) 2008 TFF/TORINO FILM FESTIVAL – Torino – IT (c) 2008 7th EUROPEAN FILM MEETINGS – Vannes – FR (c) 2008 WORLD ONE MINUTES EXHIBITIONS – Beijing – PRC // Brussels – BE // Lisboa – PT (c) 2007 DAYS OF ITALIAN CINEMA IN ST. PETERSBURG – St.-Peterburg – RU 2007 BELLARIA FILM FESTIVAL – Bellaria – IT (c) 2007 LUFF – Lausanne – CH (c) 2007 CINEMI – Milano – IT 2007 FILMMAKERDOC 12/ Paesaggi Umani – Milano – IT (c) 2007 PANORAMICA CANNES, LOCARNO, VENEZIA – Milano – IT (c) 2006 POTENZA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL – Potenza – IT (c) 2006 VIDEOMINUTO XIV – Museo d’Arte Contemporanea Pecci – Prato – IT (c) 2006 BACKSTAGE FILM FESTIVAL – Cesena – IT (c) 2004 INFINITY FESTIVAL – Alba – IT (c) ( c ) indica que un catálogo o una publicación se publicó conjuntamente con el festival. (Seleccionados) performances, cine en vivo y exhibiciones efímeras 2014 LEZIONI DI ITALIANO – curated by M. Farronato – Fiorucci Art Trust – London – GB (forthcoming) 2014 L’ANNO VENTURO ALLA CITTA’ DI COSA – feat. M. Nasini – curated by M. D’Aurizio – GASCONADE GUEST – Ansedonia – IT 2014 – ongoing VIDEOGIOCHI – video performance series in collaboration with D. Marcon and F. Chiari – last episode at cura basement – Roma – IT 2013 EQUINOX. ALMOST A TRYPTIC – curated by C. Vecchiarelli – The Emily Harvey Foundation – New York – US (Seleccionados) charlas, presentaciones, espectáculos, eventos, conferencias y curaduría 2014 – ongoing – SELADOR – live and streaming events – various locations + web 2014 ATPSunscreen – curatorial project with D. Marcon for A*T*P* diary – web 2014 CINEMA E SIMILPELLE – seminar – LA FABBRICA DEL VAPORE – Milano – IT 2012 IMAGES MOVING IMAGES – a video art and open talks programme – curated by A. Franceschini (Dina Danish, Rebecca Digne, Anna Franceschini, Jean-Baptiste Maitre, Diego Marcon) 2011 ANNA FRANCESCHINI – Workshop with MA students – Università IULM – Milano – IT 2010 THE RIJKSAKADEMIE IN CAIRO – Townhouse – Cairo – EG 2008 RING! VII FESTIVAL DELLA CRITICA CINEMATOGRAFICA – Alessandria, IT (Seleccionados) artículos, opiniones, catálogos 2014 Anna Franceschini “Laws of Attraction” at Spike Island, Bristol – Mousse magazine blog (web), November, 7th 2014 Mike Watson, ENCHANTED: THE POETICS OF WONDER, Art Review, September 2014 Dario Pappalardo, DAL MACRO AL MAXXI TRA SPERIMENTAZIONI E PROGETTI LOW COST, La Repubblica, 17 agosto 2014 2014 Valentina Guttuso, ANNA FRANCESCHINI . 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DI LUOGHI E DI COSE/ ON PLACES AND THINGS, Arte e Critica, n. 70, 2012 Elena Bordignon, THE SIBERIAN GIRL/ ANNA FRANCESCHINI, A*T*P* Diary (web), June 2012 Sguardo Contemporaneo, LE REGOLE DEL GIOCO DI ANNA FRANCESCHINI,, (web), June 2012 Ilaria Gianni, POSSIBILITIES AND FANTASIES OF THE FORGOTTEN AND FETISH OBJECT. IN CONVERSATION WITH ANNA FRANCESCHINI, cura magazine, Issue09, Spring/Summer 2012 Ilaria Gianni, ANNA FRANCESCHINI, Videoreport_Italia 2008_09, catalogue 2010 Milovan Farronato, SAY HELLO, WAVE GOODBYE, FlashArt Italia n. 282, April 2010 Sabien Teulings, RIJKSAKADEMIEOPEN 2009: ANNA FRANCESCHINI, Tubelight, November 2009 Alessandra Mallamo, METAMORFOSI IN “POLISTIRENE”, Cineforum n. 489, November 2009 Francesca di Nardo, RESIDENZE PER ARTISTI, FlashArt Italia, n. 272, August-September 2009 Giancarlo Grossini, ANNA FRANCESCHINI RACCONTA CASA VERDI, Corriere della Sera, February 2009 Luca Malavasi, ITALIANA.DOC, Cineforum N. 481, January 2008 Daniela Persico, MILANO, LA FUCINA DEL FILM DOCUMENTARIO, la Repubblica, August 2008 Daniela Persico, LA SFIDA DI LOCARNO, MEDIANDO TRA RICERCA E PIAZZA, Cineforum n.468, October 2007 DOCUMENTI E DOCUMENTARI, Internazionale, June 2007 Mario Serenellini, LA CARICA DEI MILANESI PROTAGONISTI A LOCARNO, la Repubblica, July 2007 Luca Mosso, LOCARNO: SFIDA TRA I NUOVI TALENTI, la Repubblica, July 2007 Luca Mosso, LOCARNO:MASBEDO E FRANCESCHINI AL FESTIVAL, La Repubblica, July 2007 Cristina Piccino, FILMMAKER, LABORATORIO PER UN CINEMA DI FRONTIERA, Il Manifesto, November 2007 Publicaciones y proyectos editoriales 2014 TERRAZZA, L. Barreca, A. Lissoni, L. Lo pinto, C. Paissan, Marsilio Editore, Venezia 2013 ‘2012’, edited by Chris Fitzpatrick and designed by Goda Budvytyte, Objectif Exhibition 2012 ‘ROCK – PAPER – SCISSORS’, exhibition catalogue, texts by A. Franceschini, T. Isabella, M. Smarrelli, designed by T. Garner 2012 ‘New Italian Art. L’arte contemporanea delle ultime generazioni’, Ludovico Pratesi, Castelvecchi Editore, Roma 2011 ‘Rolling Stones. Dolce Vita in Stromboli’, curated by Milovan Farronato, Ed. Salerno, Roma Colecciones MACRO / Museo d’Arte Contemporanea Roma, Rome, IT Musée National d’Art Moderne / Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris, FR Les Abattoirs | Frac Midi – Pyrénées Dommering Collection, Amsterdam, NL Nicoletta Fiorucci Collection, London, UK Workshops 2007 CINEMA AND CONTEMPORARY VISUAL ARTS/2, V Magis Gradisca International Film Studies Spring School, promoted by Università degli Studi di Udine and Université Paris III – Sorbonne Nouvelle 2006 BIOGRAPHY AND AUTOBIOGRAPHY IN DOCUMENTARY, VII Film Summer School, coordinate by Prof. Francesco Casetti, organized by Università della Svizzera Italiana and Locarno International Film Festival 2006 HELL SEEN CLOSELY, film directing workshop with Ulrich Seidl, curated by Associazione Filmmaker in collaboration with Austrian Foreign Office in Milan 2005 THE EFFORT OF GOOD AND EVIL, film directing workshop with Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne, curated by Associazione Filmmaker, in collaboration with Belgian Consulate in Milan



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