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Nacimiento: 1979 en Buenos Aires, Argentina
Residencia: Reside en Paris, Ile-de-France, Francia
Exposiciones colectivas vigentes: Desert Exhibition of Art - Desert X
Organizaciones con obra: Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary (TBA21)
Publicada el 28 feb de 2019      Vista 13 veces

Descripción del Artista

Born in Buenos-Aires, Cecilia Bengolea studied urban dance forms, before to pursue studies in anthropological dances with Eugenio Barba, as well as Philosophy and Art History at the University of Buenos Aires. In 2001, she moved to Paris and followed the training Ex.e.r.c.e. directed by Mathilde Monnier in Montpellier. As a dancer, choreographer and performance artist, Cecilia Bengolea perceives dance and performance as animated sculpture and welcomes the fact that these forms allow her to become both object and subject at the same time. She collaborates with François Chaignaud since 2005, they have created in co-authorship; Pâquerette (2005-2008), Sylphides (2009), Castor & Pollux(2010), Free Dance from François Malcovski (2010), Mimosa together with Trajal Harrell, Marlene Freitas,(2011). Bengolea and Chaignaud work on a club creation for Bienale de Lyon 2012 and Festival d’Automne a Paris, Centre Pompidou, 2012. Bengolea and Chaignadud won the prize of the critic in 2009, choregraphic revelation for their pieces Pâquerette and Sylphides. In Buenos Aires, each summer (décember, january in South America) Bengolea plays Slaves of Art together with Victoria Colmegna (plastic artist), Jackie Luduenia Koslov (twice world champion of dance athetique), Valentina Liernur (gallerist, Papo’s vip). In dialogue with Levi-Strausss œuvre Tristes tropiques, Cecilia Bengolea co-directed two videos in 2011: La Beauté (tôt) vouée à se défaire with Donatien Veismann and Cri de Pilaga with Juliette Bineau. In 2016, Bengolea was commissioned by the ICA for London Art Night 2016 to present a video installation into holographic mirrors at Covent Garden Market and perform an outdoor participatory dancehall practice in the historical West Piazza of Covent Garden with ballerina Erika Miyauchi and dancehall artist Damion BG Dancerz. Bengolea also works with artists Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster, Monika Gintersdorfer, Knut Klassen as well as Jamaican dancehall artists such as Joan Mendy and Damion BG Dancerz. In collaboration with Jeremy Deller (UK), she co-directed the film RythmAssPoetry (rap) commissioned by the Biennale de Lyon in 2015. Their second film, Bombom’s Dream, shot in Jamaica, was commissioned by Hayward Gallery London and Sao Paulo Biennal 2016. During spring 2018, premieres in France and Belgium her new creation Insect Train a piece conceived for four female dancers in collaboration with Florentina Holzinger, exploring the world of insects and our relation between our bodies and nature.


el 09 abr de 2019


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Exposiciones en las que ha participado como artista

‘A Logo for America’ by Alfredo Jaar
08 abr de 2019 - 14 abr de 2019

Faena Festival Buenos Aires 2019

Faena Art Center / Buenos Aires, Argentina

09 feb de 2019 - 21 abr de 2019

Desert Exhibition of Art - Desert X

Valle de Coachella / Coachella, California, Estados Unidos

I Faena Festival - This Is Not America. Imagen cortesía Faena Art
03 dic de 2018 - 09 dic de 2018

I Faena Festival - This Is Not America

Faena Forum Miami Beach / Miami Beach, Florida, Estados Unidos

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