Abstract female torso in Travertino Marble, Free carved, one piece, 55cm high

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Nacimiento: 1955 en London, London, City of, Reino Unido
Residencia: Reside en España
Galerías y otras organizaciones que le representan: Lady Audreys Gallery
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Descripción del Artista

For me as a stone carver my job is to make in stone things seen in my mind. A piece may often resemble another thing, or it may not, any type of resemblance is purely accidental and not substantive. Some famous carver once said, First I think, then I carve my think , This is all of me. I find it almost impossible to understand this whole art issue, I am like a child, trying very hard to reproduce exactly what I see inside my head, It is very important for me to reproduce what I see in my head not what the subject holds in its self, The beauty of what I see through my eyes must not consume what I see through my heart.

Galería de Obra de Christopher Stone - Christopher Stone Sculptor (2 Obras)

Deco Dog, 2017 Christopher Stone - Christopher Stone Sculptor
Unicorn male, 2017 Christopher Stone - Christopher Stone Sculptor


el 25 jul de 2018


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30 oct de 2008 - 31 dic de 2008


Di Matteo / Santa Eulalia del Río, Baleares, España

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06 sep - 04 oct
Exposición en CN Lagasca / Madrid, España
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