Nacimiento: 1942 en Baguio, Islas Filipinas
Residencia: Reside en Baguio, Islas Filipinas
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Descripción del Artista

Eric Oteyza de Guia, más conocido como Kidlat Tahimik, es un director de cine, escritor y actor cuyas películas se asocian comúnmente con el movimiento del Tercer Cine a través de sus críticas al neocolonialismo. < ENG Eric Oteyza de Guia (born October 3, 1942 in Baguio, Philippines), better known as Kidlat Tahimik (a Tagalog translation of "Lightning Silent"), is a film director, writer and actor whose films are commonly associated with the Third Cinema movement through their critiques of neocolonialism. For his contributions to the development of Philippine independent cinema, he was recognized in 2018 as a National Artist of the Philippines for Film - a conferment which represents the Philippine state's highest recognition for artists. One of the most prominent names in the Filipino film industry, he has garnered various accolades locally and internationally, including a Plaridel honorarium for independent cinema. He is dubbed by fellow filmmakers and critics as the "Father of Philippine Independent Cinema". In recent years, Tahimik has become a noted installation artist with his works exhibited in various public spaces in the Philippines.


el 08 ene de 2021
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