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Nacimiento: 1989 en Valladolid, España
Residencia: Reside en Segovia, España
Exposiciones individuales vigentes: Insurrecta
Premios ganados: 12° Premio Arte Laguna - 12th Arte Laguna Art Prize 17.18
Galerías y otras organizaciones que le representan: Espositivo Galería, Galleria Varsi
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Descripción del Artista

Gonzalo Borondo was born in Spain in 1989. Driven by the will of face himself with a collective dimension, exploring the complex relationship between Art and “Public”, he started painting in the public space in 2007. His works stem from the dialogue with the context that he is facing, from the encounter with memories of places and people: context creates the work, which changes (with) the space. Experimentation is the basis of Borondo’s artistic research, focused on extending the resources of painting to disciplines, supports (glass, straw, ceramic, wall surfaces, wood…) and multiples aesthetic practices. The heart of his poetry is searching for what is sacred and the subtle nature of human psyche. Borondo realized paintings and installations of public art all over the world, getting the award Arte Laguna within the section “Land Art and Urban Art” in 2018 thanks to the work “Cenere” (Selci IT, 2017). He started displaying personal shows in Rome, Madrid, Paris, London and Marseilles, expositive projects of experience-based installations in 2012. His studies are now focused on the intention of livening up painting through innovative analogical processes, where the interaction of sound, light and video, synthesized on the glass, is a scene of dynamic paintings that are between visible and invisible.

Galería de Obra de Gonzalo Borondo (5 Obras)

UBIQUITAS, 2015 Gonzalo Borondo
ARIA, 2017 Gonzalo Borondo
Arte urbano
TROIS AGES, 2014 Gonzalo Borondo
Arte urbano
THE ORIGIN OF THE WORLD, 2016 Gonzalo Borondo
Arte urbano


el 29 jun de 2020


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Exposiciones en las que ha participado como artista

Gonzalo Borondo. Insurrecta — Cortesía del Ayuntamiento de Segovia
29 jun de 2020 - 23 abr de 2021


Arte en la calle - Segovia / Segovia, España

Cartel de la exposición
08 mar de 2013 - 13 abr de 2013


Galerie Itinerrance / Paris, Ile-de-France, Francia

Hole of Fame
21 jul de 2011 - 23 sep de 2011

Hole of Fame

Sala Deus Máquina / Madrid, España

Desde 21 ene de 2015

Borondo, NemO's, Desi Civera y An Wei.

Espositivo / Madrid, España

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