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Descripción del Artista

Statement Humor is a defining aspect of my work, it helps me express my perception of the world, the problems that concern me as a woman and artist, and makes bearable those things against which i rebel against. One of the most recurrent themes of my work is to show women, and their unrecognised place in this world, on the political and social stage, and the scene of his own body. The human body is both a suggestive machine in its parts and movements identical in each of us, yet unsettling in its external adaptability, resiliance and individual and social transfiguration. These are the aspects that most interest me, as they give me ideas as to how to play with images of our bodies according to any criteria, established or not. Displacement and confusion: that is the idea. I like to think of collage technique as a means of allowing one to blur reality, a straight answer for what I was searching inside of me. Years ago I had worked with other means but I felt like I had absolutely no way to express myself. The collage applied to my work on paper, gif and video is a direct reflection of my thinking, my inner monologue. Group Exhibitions 2016 - International Weird Collage Show. Trondheim, Norway. 2015 - El ADN de la Memoria. CCOO Multi-purpose Room. Sevilla, Spain. 2015 - Pareidolia. Sublima Space Galery. Sevilla, Spain. 2015 - Collage. Etual Gallery. Málaga, Spain. 2015 - Principia Discordia. Lollipop Gallery. London, UK. 2015 - 1st of May: International Workers' Day. CCOO Multi-purpose Room. Sevilla, Spain. 2015 - Sublima Eros. Sublima Space Gallery. Sevilla, Spain. 2014 - Gif is for Geeks. Fantoche Film Festival. Baden, Schweiz . Animation Short Film and Gif 2016: Oops! and Analysis Result. “Respect my GIF” in Fantoche Film Festival. Swiss. 2016: The Odalisca Dream (Equipo Andalusianas). Official projection of BANG, IX Barcelona Videoart Festival, at Contrast Gallery. Barcelona, Spain. 2016: The Odalisca Dream (Equipo Andalusianas). Selected for the official section of IVAHM Festival, at the Arts Center Vanguardia, La Neomudejar, Madrid, Spain. 2015: Open Memory Gif. “Gif is for Geeks” in Fantoche Film Festival. Swiss. 2014: George Clooney is inside Gif. First Prize for collage Category in Giphoscope Awards. Italy. 2014: Cambio de luces Gif. “Gif is for Geeks” in Fantoche Film Festival. Swiss. 2010: Shot: - Norman McLaren, Spanish animation today:converging identities? Scotland. - First prize RTVA in Animation Festival ANIMACOR. Spain 2009: Don't wait for me. First Prize in International Animation Festival Animatu. Portugal. 2009: The garden of earthly delights: - Selected for Virgin Media Shorts 2010. UK. - Selected for Lago Film Fest 2010. Italy. - Selected for FICG 25. Guadalajara, México. - Selected for International Animation Festival ANIMACOR, 2009. Spain - Selected for FICG 25 International Cinema Festival Guadalajara. México. - Norman McLaren, Spanish animation today:converging identities? Scotland. - Selected Cervantes Institut . Munich. - Silver Award at Animation der Nationen Festival. Austria. - Selected for MACC (Mercado Atlántico de Creación Contemporánea). Spain Publications 2016 - Círculo Vicioso. Libro de artista. Editora Luisa Velázquez. Colombia. 2015 - Cantando en papel. Richard Villalón. En Huida Ed. Spain. 2015 - Desenredar el aire. Arabella Siles. Utopia Books. Spain. 2015 - Malcolm Lowry. La Peste. Mexico. 2015 - As if I only had today. As If Magazine. New York. EEUU. 2014 - At the grave of the invisible man. Sjón. Bookslut. EEUU. 2014 - Share. News Heroes and Pioneers, Sweden. Press 2018 - Hunger read+ 2017 - The Establishment read+ 2017 - Metal Magazine read+ 2016 - Giphy read+ 2015 - Tumblr read+ 2015 - Broadly read+ 2015 - Aladar read+ 2015 - Neverlazy Magazine read+ 2015 - Arte a un click read+ 2015 - Inkult Magazine read+ 2015 - Cartel Urbano read+ 2015 - Cool2re read+ 2015 - La mono magazine read+ 2015 - Our age is thirteen read+ 2015 - Oldskull read+ 2015 - The rumpus read+ 2015 - Ojo Avizor read+ 2014 - Citizen Brooklin read+ 2014 - Moustache Magazine read+ 2014 - Le blog du Kitsch read+ 2014 - Yorokobu read+ 2014 - Alternópoli read+ 2014 - Beautiful decay read+ 2014 - The creators project Vice read+ 2014 - Doctor Ojiplático read+ 2014 - Rexolución vectorial read+ 2014 - Design you trust read+ 2014 - El fanzine read+ 2014 - Singular Graphic Design read+ Contact For commissioned work & projects get in touch! Feel free to contact with me at bethychiara@gmail.com


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25 jun de 2020 - 28 ago de 2020

Las Resilientes. Memorias Imborrables


16 mar de 2018 - 15 may de 2018

El poder de la presencia

Est_Art Espacio de Arte - Espacio Multipropuestas Granja4 / Alcobendas, Madrid, España

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