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Residencia: Reside en Nueva York, New York, Estados Unidos
Artistas en su colección de arte: Agustina Woodgate, Allen Ruppersberg, Anne Imhof,
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Descripción del Profesional del arte

Esta pareja de coleccionistas son los fundadores de la plataforma online Collecteurs - The Collective Museum of Private Collections. Collecteurs is an independent public-benefit corporation with a mission to give the public access to the world's unseen private art collections. About the founders We are Jessica and Evrim Oralkan, passionate art collectors who recognized a key need in the art world: a digital platform for collectors to showcase their collections while connecting with each other. With the evolution of our initial idea, we focused our energy on giving the public access to unseen private collections. It is our belief that the majority of the world’s problems are caused due to corporate greed and the careless maximization of shareholder profit above all else. In order to provide the art world the platform it deserves, we self-funded, as well as self-built, Collecteurs to keep the influences away until we structured Collecteurs as an independent public-benefit corporation (PBC). Finally in late 2018, we joined other socially-conscious PBC’s like Kickstarter and Patagonia to ensure that the public’s benefit is always the priority for the company.


el 16 ago de 2019


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