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Joao  Felino

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Nacimiento: Portugal
Residencia: Reside en Lisboa, Portugal
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Publicada el 28 jun de 2017      Vista 105 veces

Descripción del Artista

Recent selected exhibitions include: 2007 Group Show, Jack presents, Lisboa projects group presentation that is till now his more recent solo show and the one that basically throughout its title best describes his work process and methodology. Translation Works, Jack presents, Lisboa presenting a group of the Translation Works series comprised by: The Artist's Reserved Rights Transfer and Sale Agreement, translation work of Seth Siegelaub with lawyer Bob Projansky, 2x4 A4, 1971; Duck - Rabbit, slide projection in continuous cycle translation work of James Coleman's Duck - Rabbit, 80 black-and-white slides, variable dimensions, 1973; Untitled (Placebo), translation work of Felix Gonzalez-Torres, silver rod licorice candy, individually wrapped in cellophane, 145 lbs. variable dimensions, 1991; Sunday in Lisboa, translation work of Maurizio Cattelan's Sunday in Rivara. knotted cotton sheets, l.1200mm, installation Castello di Rivara, Italy, 1992; 11 Left Shoes, (from the house) translation work of Hans-Peter Feldman's 11 Left Shoes, (lent by 303 Gallery employees), 303 gallery, 2000; Especime Invalido, translation work of RTMark's Invalid Specimen, currency bill overimprint, stamp, 2001; Sandwiched (in Lisboa), translation work (preview, artists to be announced) of Jacob Fabricius' Sandwiched (in New York), Fulton Mall in Downtown Brooklyn, noon - 15.00 daily, Sep 24 - Oct 4, 2003; and Social Sculpture, DVD projection transfered from DVcam, color, with sound, 11' on a loop, translation work of Lutz Mommartz' 16mm film, Soziale Plastik with Joseph Beuys, b/w, sound, 11', 1969. 2006 Intersezioni 6+6, G. Space, Venezia, Italia (curator Natasha Bordiglia) Intersezioni 6+6, group show curated by Natasha Bordiglia with artists and designers Emmanuel Babled, Joao Camisola, Joao Felino, Andrea Frank, Michele Gervasutti, Ale Guzzetti, Ritsue Mishima, Luca Nichetto, Elisa Pavan, Gianluca Rosso, Giancarlo Scagnolari, Walter Vallini. 6 designers + 6 artists. Sei designers per sei artisti o sei artisti per sei designers. La mostra nasce da una suggestione. Si tratta, come vuole il titolo, di un percorso che cerca di provocare una relazione, un incontro tra ambiti espressivi diversi tra loro come l’arte e il design.Quando guardiamo il mondo tendiamo ad isolare gli elementi colti dal nostro sguardo e ad operare una distinzione basata sull’appartenenza di senso, di genere, di classe. Senza contorni netti e precisi si supera il concetto stesso di distinzione appropriandosi di uno spazio neutro dove la relazione è l’elemento primo e ultimo del discorso. Fusion Art Gallery, Torino, Italia 2005 Blue, Monobandes, Rencontres Internationales Paris-Berlin, Centre Culturel Suedois, Paris Blindness, contemporary material culture and art gallery, Castelo Branco Blindness are cut outs of the models eyes in fashion magazine advertising pages, each constituted by a common white small piece of A4 paper and adhesive tape on the back, dimensions according to magazine format size. also presenting: NICE, different materials and dimensions according to different media and site. the sentence NICE IS A CITY IN FRANCE, vinyl on the wall. Other intermedia versions of the work include different pencils, pens and markers on paper, from spray paint to neon signs on the wall. Face to Face, Escola Secundaria Amato Lusitano School, Castelo Branco. two TV monitors and their aerial connection wires, two metal supporting systems with wheels locked, direct sound mix from both TV monitors, variable dimensions. 2004 BLUE, Sala do Veado, group exhibition, Museu Nacional de Historia Natural, Lisboa. A group of 131 paint can lids, 180 mm each, spray-painted in 8 different basic colors just forming the word in the former dot font as a wall sculpture. Montana spray on paint can lids, aluminum, 6000 x 1620 mm. With artists Joao Simoes, Alexandre Estrela, Pedro Cabral Santo, Tiago Baptista. offending command: image, Bazar3, group exhibition, Galeria Quadrum, Lisboa. A large group of Xerox Phaser 6200 coulor printer error message on A4 paper when in the process of printing websites. Among many others. 2003 Selfportrait, .gif, Rhizome ArtBase a "missing gif image" icon as the [portrait] icon or thumbnail. 2002 Red Spot, jack a not-for-profit contemporary art room, Lisboa motorized color wheel on static follow spot projection on a wall, variable dimensions according to site. also presenting: BLUE, Shockwave animation transferred to DVD projection, coulor, mute, variable length and dimensions according to site. 2000 SigNature, ArtAttack, group exhibition, ZDB, Lisboa the two years programme held by ArtAttack in a group show at Galeria ZDB with artists Joao Louro, Joao Paulo Feliciano, Rui Toscano and Tone Scientists among others. S/T More Works, Ministerio das Finanças entrance hall, Lisboa Pant]one Painting[s, digital print on canvas, 1200 x 1800 mm each Tabooas, a group of assemblages each with a piece of painted wood fragment of a small fishing boat after being destroyed and founded on the beach, a pin and a postcard, portraying this kind of boats now progressively being lost, at the harbor, as a tourist souvenir; images that in reality today you can hardly find; among other works. 1998 SigNature, Museu de Ceramica, Caldas da Rainha a group of several informal found stones each imprint with each the former artist signature in a serie of art works ranging on all of the XX century forming an irregular grid and occupying the whole area of the room as a floor sculpture or instalation. movement is the critic of painting is the criti


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Joao Felino. Emergency Exit — Cortesía de Kubikgallery
26 ene de 2019 - 16 mar de 2019

Emergency Exit

Kubikulo / Porto, Portugal

04 jul de 2017 - 25 ago de 2017

Faites vos Jeux,...

Cristina Guerra Contemporary Art / Lisboa, Portugal

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