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Sketch book 2018

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Publicada el 03 jun de 2014      Vista 254 veces

Descripción del Artista

Born in Valencia (Spain) in 1971, I began to show art skills from my early childhood, and on growing up my trips to Sweden, Italy, France and the UK kept myself motivated to create my own identifiable and affecting landscapes out of the experiences that really touched me. After having graduated from the Facultad de Bellas Artes de San Carlos (Universidad Politécnica de Valencia) in 1994, I received my PhD in Fine Arts in 2001. Observing the beautiful and intelligent power of nature, far-reaching vistas, landscapes with blustery skies and some intimate realities throughly experienced has played a vital role in my art. Probably my eye also tends to seek the most ordinary yet loved places I know well. The act of painting itself is for me like groping in the mist, surveying an unknown landscape, it comes up when I let myself go and manage to deeply involve myself in the creative process, even without noticing. At this very moment it is when I disappear into my work, something I really love. Throughout the years I have produced a good number of sketch books, in the studio or while staying in local nature spots, often places with depths and distances, using a wide variety of artistic techniques. All these sketches have become a sort of training in meditation, self-questioning and contemplation of the landscapes I love. Stark contrasts, moody reveries and gloomy atmospheres usually catch my eye, then intending to convey that feel in my paintings vigorously in the studio, by emphasizing spontaneous personal expression. And the outcome, always unexpected and thrilling! I have shown my works in the art scene so far in respected galleries, museums and art venues in Valencia, Madrid, Barcelona, Santander, Marbella, Ourense, Gijón, León, Lisbon, Ottawa, as well as taken part in juried art competitions all over Spain. My works can be found in corporate and private collections in Spain and internationally. A wide range of my paintings remains permanently on display in the studio, and currently have gallery representation in GALERÍA AMAGA, Avilés (Principado de Asturias, Spain).

Galería de Obra de Lola Soto Vicario (5 Obras)

Cabaña Oculta en el Bosque, 2009 Lola Soto Vicario
Pintura, Objeto Artístico
Paisaje Nórdico, 2012 Lola Soto Vicario
English Trees, 2013 Lola Soto Vicario
Pintura, Arte en vivo, Objeto Artístico
Paisaje de Santo Adriano, 2018 Lola Soto Vicario


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