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Nacimiento: 1962 en Ibarra, Imbabura, Ecuador
Residencia: Reside en Freiburg, Baden-Wurttemberg, Alemania
Galerías y otras organizaciones que le representan: Rimonim Art Gallery
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Publicada el 22 ago de 2016      Vista 104 veces

Descripción del Artista

Marcello Martinez Vega Homme Food/Homeless.-Nutrition is culture. It always has been and is even more so today. Nutrition was and still is a pure necessity, often a dramatic question of survival depending on the resources and whims of nature and last but not least that of money. If one has the means and has a choice, then our basic need for food intake develops increasingly into a codex: What are we allowed to eat, what is morally and ecologically correct and what is legitimate in terms of nutritional physiology? Through Nutrition we experience the beginnings of our personal and cultural Identity. Food intake is the first and probably most intense form of communication for a child in its home environment, even before it begins with language. What we eat and how we eat, are thus values, treasures and customs of the cultural region that we grow up in. These cultural regions are not static and have never been. Eras of Trade and travel have brought to us the majestic fragrance of spices as cultural ambassadors. And what would the world be like without cinnamon, cacao, pepper or nutmeg? Treasures, that were once more valuable than a human life. Wherever people go, willingly or compelled, they take this identity with them. Scents and flavors are links to their cultural roots; and when in foreign countries and places, are the familiar reminders of their origins. Nutrition, as a clear cultural identity, grounds the human being wherever he dwells and it always provides a means of communication to and between that what is foreign. In order to live this identity, mankind searches for a place to settle down. The installation Homme food/Homeless discusses this connection. Mankind’s search for living space “Habitat” is always a search for a place that offers protection and room for this deeply anchored need for cultural identity. Nutrition is a basic form of this identity. Description: On one side of the room you will find an abstract “architectural form”. It indicates the pursuit of Mankind’s search for his place “Habitat”. The aestheticization, evaluation and limitation of the space is born.

Galería de Obra de Marcello Martinez Vega (3 Obras)

Homme Food /Homeless, 2017 Marcello Martinez Vega
Arte urbano
Homme Food/Homeless, 2017 Marcello Martinez Vega
Escultura, Arte urbano
homme, 2017 Marcello Martinez Vega
Artes gráficas, Instalación


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