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Nacimiento: 1983 en Lisboa, Portugal
Residencia: Reside en Cascais, Lisboa, Portugal
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Publicada el 21 nov de 2018      Vista 26 veces

Descripción del Artista

Honesty, boldness, and the two statements of being queer and feminist are unavoidable aspects of Maria Mergulhao’s work. Mergulhao exposes human experiences, such as relational and interpersonal experiences, as love disappointments, society conventions within a roller-coaster of impressions. Frankness dresses itself naked and walks around in a canvas, installation, or sculpture. She examines the notion of public and private and the boundary that brakes them. She seems to have an obsession for existential questions and pragmatic facts which constitute the revelation of her personal living experience spilled out in colours and text. The impact of fluorescent colours and persuasive character of the work create questions of the dynamic aspects of life as remains of different emotional states. The vulnerability and elasticity is used in narrative as source for story-telling in loose phrases coming from her poetry or song lyrics. The use of different patterns have without a doubt an aesthetical appeal. With the diverse decontextualized objects and materials, she creates as she describes ‘paintings in space’. Like weeds, there is a contamination, like a disease that spreads itself in colours and text.

Galería de Obra de Maria Mergulhão (5 Obras)

Obra 4, 2016 Maria Mergulhão
Artes gráficas
Obra 1, 2016 Maria Mergulhão
Artes gráficas
Obra 5, 2016 Maria Mergulhão
Artes gráficas
Obra 3, 2016 Maria Mergulhão
Artes gráficas


el 09 oct de 2019


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09 nov de 2018 - 22 nov de 2018

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Espaço Santa Catarina / Lisboa, Portugal

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