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Nacimiento: 1977 en Japón
Residencia: Reside en Tokyo, Japón
Premios ganados: Premio PHE18 al Mejor Libro de Fotografía del Año
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Publicada el 12 jul de 2018      Vista 49 veces

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Mayumi was born in 1977 in Onagawa, Miyagi and now reside Tokyo, Japan. She works as a visual storyteller to find and create personal narratives. She was born and raised in a family who ran a photo studio founded by her grandfather in 1930 in the city of Onagawa. She studied at Nihon University, College of Art Department of Photography. March 11, 2011. On this day an incident which changed her life has occurred. Her hometown Onagawa was destroyed by the tsunami and her parents went missing. She captures them as an individual and not just a faceless figures, and leave the photographs as proof of their lives. In 2014-2015, She has supported with Alejandro Chaskielberg, who is Argentina Photographer, as local location coordinator and professional support assistant in "Otsuchi Future Memories". In 2016, She participated a workshop "Photobook As Object" by Yumi Goto and Jan Rosseel. She has developed a book with them,


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