Mine, Oil on Canvas 150x150cms

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Nacimiento: 1984 en York, Reino Unido
Residencia: Reside en Falkirk, Reino Unido
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Publicada el 08 sep de 2017      Vista 55 veces

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Truth, as a subject in the arts, is an ever present but what allows one to define truth more accurately is its boundaries, or its parameters. Much like the painted surface, paints’ relationship to its boundary or its perimeter allows the viewer into a dialogue between the painting and its object. It is this painted surface, in relation to its object, which is of interest to me. I am investigating what happens, through the reception of the work by the viewer, to the elements that correspond to, or interfere with this surface as it is interrogated I do this by dismantling the surface, penetrating the surface from within and without as well as adding objects to the surface plain and expanding the painted surface beyond its original conception. The working of the painted surface itself is also crucial to my investigations, these improvisatory responses to the paintings object parameters are indebted to colour, the mark making process and the harmony and dissonance of a works overall composition.

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el 14 jun de 2019


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Teresita Dennis, Surfacing green, 45 x 30 cm., oil on linen, 2016
05 sep de 2017 - 23 sep de 2017


Tat Art Barcelona / Barcelona, España

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