Nacimiento: 1985 en Puerto Rico
Exposiciones colectivas vigentes: Nada Tropical
Ferias en las que participa con OBRA : MECA International Art Fair 2018
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Descripción del Artista

Born and raised in Río Piedras, Puerto Rico, 1985, Ricardo’s artistic needs were enriched early on under the guidance of Cuban contemporary artist, Zilia Sánchez. Then his creative tendencies took a turn towards science, when he graduated from the University of Puerto Rico (Mayagüez campus) with an Electrical Engineering Degree. Never abandoning his artistic craves, Ricardo co-developed Viva Epic Co., an alternative company with a fresh outlook on sports and beach wear. As Viva Epic’s art director and head designer, his work soon led him back to Río Piedras as a full time painter. Mostly self taught, his new and innovative unique style quickly caught the attention of renowned contemporary artists, especially those based out of Santurce’s heavily influenced street art scene. After showcasing his work in multiple exhibitions around Puerto Rico, Ricardo moved to New York City to pursue his greatest ambition yet – to create a modern technological platform where science and art coexist harmoniously. While finishing up his graduate studies in Computer Science with a concentration in 3D graphic programming, Ricardo had the opportunity to present his latest work at a solo show in Phantom Gallery NYC. During his show, “Adapt and Evolve,” Ricardo was able to depict New York City’s profound influence on his style and more importantly his constant artistic evolution. In early 2013, Ricardo presented his second solo show “Deconstruction” in Galeria Espacio 304, San Juan, Puerto Rico. During this show Ricardo showcased for the first time a new body of work dealing with his recent experience using software programming to generate graphics, and the process of using those graphics as reference and inspiration for his paintings. “My purpose in life is to radiate my creativity... my purpose is to explore a wide range of creative possibilities, not being tied up to a particular medium.”


el 26 jul de 2016

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