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Nacimiento: 1940 en Tallahassee, Florida, Estados Unidos
Fallecimiento: 2019 en London, London, City of, Reino Unido
Próximas exposiciones individuales: Die Gedanken sind frei
Profesionales que le han comisariado:
Organizaciones con obra: British Council, Centre Pompidou, Centro de Arte Contemporânea Inhotim (CACI) - Colección Bernardo Paz
Profesionales con obra: Emilio Pi
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Publicada el 03 jun de 2014      Vista 297 veces

Descripción del Artista

Susan Hiller was born in 1940 and grew up in and around Cleveland, Ohio until 1952 when her family moved to South Florida where she attended local schools and Coral Gables High School. She was awarded a scholarship to Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts, and graduated in 1961. After a year in New York studying film and photography at The Cooper Union and archaeology and linguistics at Hunter College, Hiller went on to do postgraduate work at Tulane University in New Orleans with a National Science Foundation fellowship in anthropology. She conducted fieldwork in Mexico, Guatemala and Belize but became uncomfortable with academic anthropology's claim to objectivity; she wrote that she did not wish her research to become part of anthropology's 'objectification of the contrariness of lived events'. During a lecture on African art, she made the decision to leave anthropology to become an artist. Susan Hiller has been based mainly in London since the early 1960’s. After several exhibitions of her paintings and a series of collaborative ‘group investigations’, in the early 1980’s she began to make innovative use of audio and visual technology. Her groundbreaking installations, multi-screen videos and audio works have achieved international recognition and are widely acknowledged to be a major influence on younger British artists. Each of Susan Hiller’s works is based on specific cultural artifacts from our society, which she uses as basic materials. Many of her works explore the liminality of certain phenomena including the practice of automatic writing (Sisters of Menon, 1972/79; Homage to Gertrude Stein, 2010), near death experiences (Channels, 2013), and collective experiences of unconscious, subconscious and paranormal activity (Dream Mapping, 1974; Belshazzar’s Feast, 1983-4; Dream Screens, 1996;Psi Girls, 1999; Witness, 2000). In describing this area of Hiller’s work, art historian Dr. Alexandra Kokoli draws attention to its palpable political subtext: “Hiller’s work unearths the repressed permeability ... of ... unstable yet prized constructs, such as rationality and consciousness, aesthetic value and artistic canons. Hiller refers to this precarious positioning of her oeuvre as 'paraconceptual,' just sideways of conceptualism and neighbouring the paranormal, a devalued site of culture where women and the feminine have been conversely privileged. Most interestingly, in the hybrid field of 'paraconceptualism,' neither conceptualism nor the paranormal are left intact ... as ... the prefix 'para' -symbolizes the force of contamination through a proximity so great that it threatens the soundness of all boundaries." With a practice extending over 40 years, Susan Hiller is considered one of the most influential artists of her generation. Her work is found internationally in both private and public collections and her career has been recognized by mid-career survey exhibitions at London’s Institute of Contemporary Arts (1986) and Tate Liverpool (1996), and, most recently by, a major retrospective exhibition at Tate Britain (2011).


el 09 feb de 2019

Exposiciones en las que ha participado como artista

Die Gedanken sind frei
Desde 28 feb de 2019

Die Gedanken sind frei

Museu de Arte Contemporânea de Serralves / Oporto, Porto, Portugal

What I see
17 sep de 2010 - 09 ene de 2011

What I see

Centro Cultural Montehermoso / Vitoria-Gasteiz, Álava, España

12 ago de 2017 - 03 dic de 2017

Frestas - Trienal de Artes

SESC Sorocaba / Sorocaba, Sao Paulo, Brasil

15 sep de 2016 - 12 nov de 2016


Max Estrella / Madrid, España

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