Nacimiento: 1987 en Moscow, Moscow City, Rusia
Residencia: Reside en Barcelona, España
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Descripción del Artista

The history of my painting began with a great love for aesthetics, namely classical ballet. In the dance, I felt the tremendous energy of beauty; it was expressed in plastic, music, and, of course, costumes. In this combination of arts, I saw the palette and color of paints. My studies began with classical drawing and continued at the university in the department of art history. After university, I continued to paint for fashion design. The second education was the direction - a costume designer. Working with the suit, I was constantly looking for new inspiration. My long dream was to move to the sea and this miracle really happened to me suddenly. Having moved to Barcelona, I am infinitely happy with nature. From here began a whole cycle of canvases, my new works dedicated to nature and water. From the beauty of seawater, I moved on to the water of the ocean, and I believe that someday I will be able to see this water for the first time.

Galería de Obra de Svetlana Selezneva (5 Obras)

Sea, 2019 Svetlana Selezneva
Pintura, Arte digital, Diseño
Ocean from up, 2020 Svetlana Selezneva
Pintura, Arte digital, Diseño
Italy sea, 2019 Svetlana Selezneva
Pintura, Arte digital, Diseño
Calm water, 2019 Svetlana Selezneva
Pintura, Arte digital, Diseño


el 18 feb de 2021


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