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Thibault Poutrel. Cortesía de Thibault Poutrel Contemporary Art

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Nacimiento: 1977 en Paris, Ile-de-France, Francia
Residencia: Reside en Paris, Ile-de-France, Francia
Artistas en su colección de arte: Carlos Motta, Claudia Andújar, Danh Vo,
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Publicada el 11 dic de 2017      Vista 138 veces

Descripción del Profesional del arte

Thibault Poutrel, young art collector and sponsor of international institutions (Musée national d’art moderne – Centre Pompidou in Paris, Tate Modern…) and societies of collectors (ADIAF…) wishes to participate in the dissemination of contemporary art. After his studies at Institut d’Etudes Politiques (IEP) in Paris and London School of Economics, he started his career in new technologies investment, fascinated by the changes technological change induces in human relations and social structures. Establishing a parallel between his passion for art and his interest pour innovation, Thibault intends to remain committed in both areas. The Thibault Poutrel collection uses as its Ariadne’s thread the History of the peoples, especially with regard to the construction of their identity, as well as their relationship with boundaries and territory. It questions the impact of Time on individual or collective memory. It also focuses on the evolution of writing, of books and image as a vehicle for memory. It finally questions the evolution of groups and minorities, caught in a vice between individual identity and collective consciousness. It is through themed exhibitions and loans that Thibault Poutrel intends to share his taste for contemporary art. Text extracted from Thibault Poutrel Art Contemporary: http://www.tpca.london/about/


el 28 may de 2019

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15 oct - 31 oct
Exposición en Ateneo de Sevilla / Sevilla, España

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