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Espacios expositivos

  • FuturDome

    Via Giovanni Paisiello, 6 Milan, Lombardia, Italia


Dirección: Via Giovanni Paisiello, 6, Milan, Lombardia, Italia
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Publicada el 02 abr de 2019      Vista 21 veces

Descripción de la Organización

FuturDome, is a pilot housing museum in Milan, a project voted to enhance contemporary arts and design. As pivotal testing ground for architectural heritage renovation, FuturDome combines conservation interventions, advanced technological solutions and artistic incursions. Its aim is to create connections between residents, authors and bold companies, within an unexpected customisable environment. The building restoration, does not represent only an historical preservation project but it reveals a transformation phase of an open-minded palace, dedicated to aesthetic and architectonic avant-garde. FuturDome boasts several reading keys and highlights: from contemporary architectures to arts; from modern functionalities to the residential comforts. The palazzo matches public art issues, installations and sculptural elements with domestic unities, available to citizenry.


el 02 abr de 2019