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Kendall Art Center (KAC) / The Rodríguez Collection

Kendall Art Center (KAC)
12063 SW 131st Ave, Miami, Florida, Estados Unidos
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Kendall Art Center (KAC)
12063 SW 131st Ave Miami, Florida, Estados Unidos
Director Artístico y Curador
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305 778 7739
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Descripción de la Organización
Kendall Art Center (KAC), is dedicated to promoting the work of contemporary artists, and to the exchange of art and ideas throughout the Miami region and internationally. Through an energetic calendar of exhibitions, programs, and its collections, KAC provides an international platform for the work of established and emerging artists, advancing the public appreciation and understanding of the art. The Rodriguez Collection is privately funded by Leo Rodrigues and he’s family. It is one of the Miami’s largest, privately owned Cuban contemporary art collections. Leo began buying and selling works of art from the last decade of the 20th century, and established its Permanent Collection in 1994 and now numbers approximately 200 works. The collection reflects significant artistic developments in contemporary art by established artists from Cuba, U.S. and abroad. The collection is constantly expanding and features such well-known artists as Cundo Bermúdez, Jose Bedia, Pedro Vizcaíno, Néstor Arenas, Manuel Mendive, ... Silvio Gaytón, Vicente Dopico Lerner, Aisar Jalil, Pedro Avila Gendis, José Orbeín, Ahmed Gómez, Geandy Pavón, Angel Delgado, Ciro Quintana, Jose María Mijares and Gina Pellón. Kendall Art Center / The Rodríguez Collection Fifth Anniversary (2016 - 2021)   In May of 2016, Leonardo Rodríguez raised the idea of opening his collection to the public. The project seemed simple: Leo had an admirable collection of Cuban art, which he has treasured for more than twenty years; he had the location and the experience necessary in order to turn it into an exhibition hall. For my part, I provided the experience of having created and managed several galleries and collections; in addition to a background in advertising and art education at the academic level. We commenced by crafting a name and identity for the Center and the collection, as well documenting, cataloging and defining strategies. The Center would be an exhibition space, but not a gallery, rather the depository house of the collection that by exhibiting the work of its established, international, emerging and local artists would stimulate critical thinking, art appreciation and awareness in the visual arts.     The art in Miami was exhibited, customarily, in Wynwood, Downtown, Little Havana and Coral Gables. Kendall was not an area commonly associated with the artistic flux and that was, precisely, Leo’s reasoning for opening his collection in this area of the city: there was a need that we wanted to meet. Curating the collection and mounting them on the walls, as something static and inert was not enough for Leo: he wanted a lively space. Two months later, the already baptized Kendall Art Center opens its doors presenting “The Rodríguez Collection.” This inaugural event saw more than 200 people in attendance and more than a 1000 visited the space during the exhibition. The beauty of the space, the quality of the works and the artists, combined with the warmth of its hosts were details that caused an immediate, strong impact on the public and even more on the artists, who recognized and validated the center as a serious and valuable institution, with which they were willing to collaborate.     In the first years, thanks to an extensive program of successfully executed exhibitions, the name of  Leonardo Rodríguez as a collector and the Kendall Art Center have managed to establish themselves, not just locally, but beyond Florida, knocking on the doors of permanent collections of great renown, such as the Smithsonian Institution. Exhibitions proposed by the Kendall Art Center with works from The Rodriguez Collection have been hosted in several museum and academic institutions with the aim of promoting and saving the Cuban contribution. Besides, some of these important institutions have accepted donations made by Leonardo Rodríguez and his family.     During these five year each exhibition has had, since the beginning, curators and specialized critics working hand in hand with the artists.  Names known both locally and internationally have been added to our initial intent with the objective of leaving a mark on the Cuban-American artistic production. Thanks to these collaborations, we now have an important showcase of critical texts, which include: José Ramón Alonso, Gary Anuez, Gabriela G. Azcuy, Janet Batet, Samuel Beck, Roxana M. Bermejo, Willy Castellanos, Elvia Rosa Castro, Raisa Clavijo, Carol Damian, Orlando Hernandez, Dennys Matos, Aldo Menéndez, Hortensia Montero, Gerardo Mosquera, Píter Ortega, Ricardo Pau-Llosa, Jesús Rosado, Andrés Isaac Santana and José Veigas, all of them cited in the present compilation entitled, “D Fine.”     It is precisely at the occasion of said exchange between professionals, that today we are able to present a product that, although unfinished for the reason that it is an eternal work in progress, can give us an idea of what the road traveled has been. The purpose of this book is then, to make accessible a set of written texts about The Rodríguez Collection, The Kendall Art Center, its exhibitions and artists for a holistic understanding of the collection and its development. “D Fine” directly reflects the meritorious work of Leonardo Rodríguez as a collector and The Kendall Art Center as an institution dedicated to promoting and safeguarding Cuban art wherever it may be.    Henry Ballate M.F.A. Art Director and Curator Kendall Art Center/The Rodríguez



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