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Dirección: Cascais, Lisboa, Portugal
Ferias en las que participa con OBRA : Art Marbella 2019
Con obra de: Cyril Phan - Kongo, Marcos Marin, Philippe Pasqua
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Teléfonos: +351 929148430|+44(0)79 6928 6511
Correo electrónico: contact@krystelannart.com
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Descripción de la Organización

Krystel Ann Art is a contemporary art gallery and agency founded in 2016 by two collectors from Guadeloupe (island of the French Antilles), Olivier Tharsis and Chrystelle Merabli, specialized in the promotion of Caribbean Art. The agency also works with renowned contemporary artists such as Philippe Pasqua. Krystel Ann Art develops its own projects basing its artistic selection on a demand for singularity: Olivier and Chrystelle seek out difference in approach, originality in expression and sensitivity in aesthetics. Since its creation, the agency participated in international art fairs and organized exhibitions in several galleries around the world (France, Portugal, United Kingdom, Russia, Switzerland, Monaco). Krystel Ann Art and the Guadeloupe Region coordinate and support the participation of three Guadeloupean artists selected for the exhibition "Personal Structures - Identities", at Palazzo Mora. The event organized by the European Cultural Center takes place as part of the Venice Biennale from 11 May to 24 November 2019.

Galería de Obra de Krystel Ann Art (4 Obras)

Science Couleur, 2016 Cyril Phan - Kongo
Crâne aux papillons, 2014 Philippe Pasqua
White Butterfly on Black, 2018 Rubem Robierb
Artes gráficas
Michael Douglas, 2019 Marcos Marin


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