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L'Aquila Reale: Centro di Arte e Natura di Civitella di Licenza

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  • L'Aquila Reale: Centro di Arte e Natura di Civitella di Licenza

    Via Della Torre, 47 Civitella di Licenza, Lazio, Italia


Publicada el 19 may de 2020      Vista 27 veces

Descripción de la Organización

L’Aquila Reale is a self-managed artistic and cultural space, located in Licenza, in Valle Dell’Aniene, province of Rome. Italy. It is oriented towards research, exchange, learning, critical reflection, experimentation and broadcasting of practices and local knowledge, through the dialog between art, community, territory, and rurality. The project looks to strengthen awareness, community action and participation in the Valle Ustica, through artistic collaborative projects which link knowledge, practices, memories, issues and challenges of the rural community and mountain biodiversity-ecosystem, with different current global thought. We focus on the understanding, perception and care of life through vulnerability, interdependence and eco-dependence. Through two main programs -”Citizen School” and “Contemporary Culture”-, the center seeks to develop different artistic and educational movements that link people, social organizations, cultural institutions, and local cultural actors, while addressing topics related to imbalances produced by rural depopulation, dependency ratios with urban areas, and climate change. This way the center wants to be a creative and reflective space focusing on social, cultural, environmental and educational issues, oriented to analyzing, recovering, and visualizing, through art and imagination, practices, values, asymmetries and challenges of the rural community of the mountain area of Valle Dell’Aniene. L’Aquila Reale: Centro d’Arte e Natura di Civitella di Licenza is co-managed by a Industrial Designer (Andrés Gallardo Cordero) and Visual Artist (Francisco Navarrete Sitja), and 6 collaborators related to Communication, Biological Science, Arts, Social Ecology, Sustainability and Entrepreneurship: Carolina Ciuti (IT), Luz Muñoz Rebolledo (ES), Markel Cormenzana (ES), Manuela Procopio (IT), Martina Larrarte (CH), Francesca Zacchia (IT), Amparo Prieto Monreal (CL) and Joan Vila i Boix (ES). Methodologically, each artistic and educational action is planned from/with/for the community, and collaborating with local inhabitants, socio-cultural institutions, and organizations. Thus, the project can push for activities that combine co-creation, co-research, management, education, and communication, oriented to analyzing, recovering, and broadcasting practices, knowledge, collective memories, challenges, and local issues into communes of Valle Ustica. Each of the coming activities will be articulated through the participation of a visiting cultural producer, and the creation of a territory node with local people and organizations linked to traditional oliveculture, horticulture, fruticulture, grazing, crafts, gastronomy, farming, silviculture, industry, and ecology, by establishing dialogs through relational-art, ecofeminism, social-ecology, critical-design, and agri-ecology. Sessions coordinated by the center and the community will organize the development of processes, methodologies and artistic actions which will be co-designed and co-produced. This will result in mediation and educational intervention. The project is self-managed. We have an initial budget that has been put towards the liveability of the center’s physical space until 2021. We’re currently applying for regional and international funds to ensure its continuity.


el 20 may de 2020


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