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Our ethos MilesKm is both a series of experiments encouraging international collaboration and a sustained practice driven research project. Both aspects of MilesKm strive to challenge existing structures within the Arts, while offering potential alternative frameworks. MilesKm focuses its attention on illustrating the value of collaboration and learning. These themes form the centre of MilesKm's current open call for TREGUA, a traveling circus of Europe, exploring notions of democracy and national/European identity through place-making, collective action and performance. Who is behind it? A growing team of artists, researchers and designers now make up the MilesKm committee, working towards our next project, TREGUA. Current MilesKm team: Nora Silva - Co-director & Co-founder Daphne Politi - Co-director Warren Andrews - MilesKm Captain on a gap year History MilesKm was founded by Nora Silva and Sofía Montenegro in 2011 as a response to a perceived lack of opportunities for artists to collaborate internationally. While studying abroad, both realised how isolated and inward looking many Art Universities are. The pair felt that at a time when art education was subject to numerous attacks and deep cuts, a move needed to be made to link artists together. Creating informal, unofficial channels of communication and collaboration, leading to deeper and more sustainable connections between these precarious arts communities. Over the eight years that MilesKm has been operating, running yearly exhibitions and residencies, the themes of collaboration, collectivism, participation, internationalism and learning have become central to the questions that MilesKm looks to ask of its collaborators. How do we fund it? MilesKm relies on donations of time, space and occasionally money to achieve its aims. We organise dinners, parties, raffles, tours and merch coming soon !


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