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offspace | galerie panoptikum.

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  • offspace | galerie panoptikum

    Ruderstallgassen 4 Gilgenberg am Weilhart, Oberosterreich, Austria


Dirección: Ruderstallgassen 4. Gilgenberg aW, Gilgenberg am Weilhart, Oberosterreich, Austria
Ferias en las que participa con OBRA : Art Madrid'20, JustMad X - 2019
Con obra de: Bernhard Müller, Edin Mustafic
Artistas que representa: Bernhard Müller, Edin Mustafic
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Publicada el 10 sep de 2018      Vista 117 veces

Descripción de la Organización

The offspace | gallery panoptikum. is a artist-run gallery for contemporary photography & art. 2017 we saw the light of the art world. We made it our naive task to explore or even redefine the myth of 'beauty" in contemporary art photography. We are working with artists who have an own personal and aesthetic access to contemporary art photography. The approach as well as their subjective image language are very important to us. Contemporary art photography is more than the simple idea or the illustration (image) of digital media images. Our focus is on the materiality, the technique as well as on the modern and authentic interpretation of selected aspects in our society (culture) we are all living in - without thinking in categories. We are only working with unique photography artworks or very low editions.

Galería de Obra de offspace | galerie panoptikum (5 Obras)

Theft, 2018 Edin Mustafic
Unsharp #02, 2014 Edin Mustafic
Interpretation: RUBENS, 2014 Edin Mustafic
Fotografía, Artes gráficas, Arte digital
dAdA 4, 2016 Bernhard Müller


el 23 dic de 2019


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