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Pan American Art Projects

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    6699 NE 2nd Avenue, Ste. 274A Miami, Florida, Estados Unidos

  • Pan American Art Projects

    274 NE 67 TH street Miami, Florida, Estados Unidos

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Dirección: 274 NE 67 TH street, Miami, Florida, Estados Unidos
Exposiciones vigentes: Carlos Quintana: The Diamond's Shadow
Ferias en las que participa con OBRA : Volta NY 2018, Art Miami 2016, Paris Photo Los Angeles 2015
Con obra de: Ana Meneses Naranjo, León Ferrari
Artistas que representa: Abel Barroso, Armando Mariño, Carlos Estévez
Enlaces oficiales Web  Facebook 
Teléfonos: 3055732400
Publicada el 03 jun de 2014      Vista 1,057 veces

Descripción de la Organización

After ten years in Wynwood, they are moving to Little Haiti as part of the trajectory to new territory for the art scene in Miami. As a dynamic contemporary art venture Pan American Art Projects promotes international artists of distinction with a focus on art from Europe and the Americas. Our gallery artists come from varied backgrounds, such as Americans Ted Larsen, Paul Manes, MacKay Otto, Rusty Scruby and Tracey Snelling; Cuban-Americans Francis Acea, Gustavo Acosta, Luis Cruz Azaceta, Carlos Estevez, and Elsa Mora; Argentinians Hernan Dompe , Leon Ferrari, Santiago Porter, Carolina Sardi, and Pablo Soria; British artist William Cannings; Cubans Luis Enrique Camejo, Ernesto Estevez, Kcho, Pedro Pablo Oliva, Jorge Lopez Pardo, and Santiago Olazabal; Icelandic artist Magnus Sigurdarsson; Jamaicans David Boxer and Colin Garland; Salvadoran Ronald Moran; Spanish artists Cristina Lucas and Jorge Perianes; Swiss artist Gian Paolo Minelli. We also own a very large selection of secondary market works, both modern and contemporary - by artists Oscar Bony, Agustin Cardenas, Anthony Caro, Mario Carreno, Hector Hyppolite, Wifredo Lam, Roberto Matta, Louise Nevelson, Amelia Pelaez, Arnaldo Pomodoro, Mariano Rodriguez, Kasuya Sakai, Mark Tobey, Francisco Toledo, Kahinde Wiley, among many others. Pan American Art Projects started as Galerie Malraux in Los Angeles, California. At that time the gallery focused mainly on Caribbean art. In 1994, the gallery relocated to Dallas, Texas, a transition which marked the beginning of Pan American Art Gallery. By the early 2000’s the gallery moved to a larger exhibition space in the upscale Turtle Creek area of Dallas; the first show there, a comprehensive view of Cuban photography titled “Cuban Photography – Revolutionary to Contemporary” was named one of the ten best shows of the year in America. In December 2006 we opened as 12,000 sq. ft. compound in the heart of the Wynwood Art District, in Miami, Florida. The space features multiple exhibition rooms, on-site storage, library, and an apartment with a studio for visiting artists. At that time, we adopted our current name: Pan American Art Projects, to reflect our evolution into a dynamic contemporary art venture. In March 2016, after 10 years in Miami’s Wynwood Arts District we have moved and expanded, opening our main gallery space in the historic Little Haiti neighborhood. In addition to the Little Haiti gallery, we open PAAP ANNEX. The ‘Annex’ is a platform dedicated to the exhibition of works from our archives, which provide a historical context for the collection and appreciation of Caribbean and Latin American art.


el 19 sep de 2019


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Exposiciones de Pan American Art Projects

Matandote a ti mismo
21 sep de 2019 - 14 nov de 2019

Carlos Quintana: The Diamond's Shadow

Pan American Art Projects / Miami, Florida, Estados Unidos

Jorge Ríos, «10.04 A.M.» Cortesía de Pan American Art Projects.
19 may de 2019 - 29 jun de 2019

June 16, 2018: Thirteen Paintings of One Day in the Sky

Pan American Art Projects [ESPACIO CERRADO] / Miami, Florida, Estados Unidos

Gustavo Acosta: Structural Narratives
08 sep de 2018 - 03 nov de 2018

Gustavo Acosta: Structural Narratives

Pan American Art Projects [ESPACIO CERRADO] / Miami, Florida, Estados Unidos

Diseño de identidad de la muestra
13 jul de 2019 - 31 ago de 2019

Vitamin L: The Disruption of Color in Contemporary Landscape

Pan American Art Projects / Miami, Florida, Estados Unidos

El lenguaje de la abstracción: Carlos García de la Nuez, “Mi casa,” 2017. Cortesía de Pan American Art Projects.
20 ene de 2019 - 09 mar de 2019

The Universal Language of Abstraction

Pan American Art Projects [ESPACIO CERRADO] / Miami, Florida, Estados Unidos

... hacerse el bobo
20 may de 2017 - 15 jul de 2017

... hacerse el bobo

Pan American Art Projects [ESPACIO CERRADO] / Miami, Florida, Estados Unidos

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