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FOUNDER CIRCLE The SOUTH SOUTH platform was conceived by Goodman Gallery as an extension to an on-going curatorial initiative established in 2015. The project has been informed and guided by a circle of gallery-led collaborators: Marcio Botner (A Gentil Carioca, Rio de Janeiro), Liza Essers (Goodman Gallery, Johannesburg), Shireen Gandhy (Chemould Prescott Road, Mumbai), Daudi Karungi (Afriart Gallery, Kampala), José Kuri (kurimanzutto, Mexico City), Atsuko Ninagawa (Take Ninagawa Gallery, Tokyo) and Mary Sabbatino (Galerie Lelong & Co., New York City) POP UP LOCATIONS The SOUTH SOUTH platform will be accompanied by physical articulations generously hosted by supporters and partners throughout the project. The first of these pop up presentations will manifest in Johannesburg and Tokyo. SOUTH SOUTH is an online community, an anthology and a resource for artists, galleries, curators and collectors invested in the Global South. The platform’s launch brings together over 40 galleries from across five continents to present a more holistic world-view of contemporary art. The platform will create a repository and a space for new, shared value systems centred on community, collaboration and exchange. SOUTH SOUTH will offer a central portal to experience the programmes and artist profiles of galleries within and dedicated to the Global South. It will host year-round events and seeks, during these tumultuous times, to address an imbalance in the art world framework by providing a means to explore alternative art centres within a broader geopolitical context. SOUTH SOUTH will create space to magnify urgent conversations globally, foregrounded in these past turbulent months – including; the persisting need for decolonisation, restitution and connected sociopolitical concerns emerging out of recent manifestations of the racial justice movement. This discourse has been compellingly tackled by artists from the Global South for decades. Another key objective is to highlight that, while the West maintains cultural platforms that uphold its dominance as an economic centre, the Global South and its diaspora is a fulcrum for diverse and remarkable cultural production. With SOUTH SOUTH we are imagining a new, dynamic forum for artists, galleries, collectors and curators to come together. It is an extension of our existing network and makes a compelling argument for a de-centered art market by foregrounding the work of galleries operating outside of the dominant centres. "SOUTH SOUTH will be a year-round platform of discovery through a central portal to explore gallery programmes dedicated to the Global South with invited galleries able to play a role in shaping the evolution of the platform. "In addition to launching the platform in February, we will run a live selling event - titled SOUTH SOUTH VEZA - for which participating galleries present OVRs. The event harnesses auction technology in order to work with galleries and artists’ best interests in mind. The ambition is – in the current absence of many physical art fairs – to create an alternative framework and complementary model that is pliable and responds to the needs of galleries, collectors, curators and artists in this critical time." - Liza Essers, SOUTH SOUTH Founder & Collaborator


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