Enseña tus OBRAS en ARTEINFORMADO. ¡Cada día, más personas las miran!
Dirección: Madrid, España
Ferias en las que participa con OBRA : Artissima 2018
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Teléfonos: 34 602 375 830
Correo electrónico: info@uniquemultiples.com
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Descripción de la Organización

CURATED ARTISTS EDITIONS Unique Multiples is a platform for contemporary art that offers museum quality limited edition art works for sale online by a curated roster of internationally recognized artists. AUTHENTICATION & PROVENANCE Unique Multiples provides certificates of authenticity and provenance for all of our editions. Unique Multiples is partnered with Verisart - the leader in blockchain technology for the arts. All Unique Multiples' editions are certified with Verisart on the blockchain. BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY By incorporating new and revolutionary blockchain technology that utilises a decentralized distributed ledger, Unique Multiples allows artists and collectors to authenticate and trace all artworks and related transactions with an immutable digital trail. FIRST OF ITS KIND Unique Multiples sets itself apart because it is the only Contemporary Art platform that offers a Unique, Curated selection of international artists EDITIONS that are authenticated using blockchain technology.


el 30 oct de 2018