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Visionary Art Trip

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Dirección: Kuznetsky Most str., 11, Moscow, Moscow City, Rusia
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Teléfonos: +7 (925) 4338809|+7 (985) 8003444|+7 (495) 5068044
Correo electrónico: info@visionaryart.eu
Publicada el 12 mar de 2019      Vista 8 veces

Descripción de la Organización

Visionary Art attracts the attention of both creators and viewers all around the world. Its popularity is so broad that this style can rightly be considered a new worldwide phenomenon. Despite the modern-sounding name, it reflects the artist's original interest in the inner world, where fantasy, not reality, becomes the source of creativity. Art is always an attempt to look inside yourself, to know yourself, your place, in a sense to «draw a soul». Visionary Art is a path of intuition, not of logics. Spontaneous, not controlled by will or a certain plan an image of the author's inner world, fantastic worlds and creatures. The development of this style goes in parallel with the spread of various spiritual practices (for example, yoga), primordial psy-techniques of penetrating into the depths of the subconscious.


el 13 mar de 2019


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Visionary Art Trip
26 mar de 2019 - 31 mar de 2019

Visionary Art Trip

Moscow House of Artists / Moscow, Moscow City, Rusia

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