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Yandi Monardo Art Gallery

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  • Yandi Monardo Art Galleru

    Cabo San Lucas 65 Baja California Sur, México

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Dirección: Cabo San Lucas 65, Baja California, Chiapas, México
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Correo electrónico: yandimonardo@yahoo.com.mx
Publicada el 23 nov de 2016      Vista 77 veces

Descripción de la Organización

Yandi Monardo Born 1975 in Young, Uruguay. Yandi Monardo is a master of aesthetic intuition. His great passion and discipline towards art lead him to create images of deep essential content that capture the attention of the viewer. His work delights the eye and conveys a taste for a fresh iconography where he reveals his creative potential. It is here where the passionate artist’s personality transcends, creating a world where matter takes a life of its own. From an early age, Yandi realized that art must be expressed as an irrepressible fire born from the depths of the soul. His work is an open lecture that invites to the contemplative possibilities of the ludic side, or moves us to a deep reflection of the introspective world…


el 23 nov de 2016

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