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Dodho Magazine

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Dirección: Barcelona, España
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Publicada el 08 sep de 2017      Vista 298 veces

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Dodho Magazine is an independent international magazine based in Barcelona born with the vocation to promote the work and projects of emerging photographers and professionals from all over the world. Since its launch in April 2013, Dodho Magazine has uncovered countless photographers and put their work in the spotlight of professionals in the photographic industry. With more than one million annual visits and half a million pages viewed monthly, Dodho Magazine has managed to become the fastest growing photo magazine and become a benchmark among galleries, agencies and other publishers around the world. Dodho Magazine is aimed at an audience that like us, lives, breathes and moves by the passion awakened by photography in all its fields and aspects. In a permanent collaboration between the magazine and the photographers published in it. Dodho Magazine continues to look for projects and talented photographers who have something to tell and share with the world, always exploring new concepts through photography in a joint venture. Dodho Magazine is published daily in its online version and every six months in its printed version. Each version is focused on a totally different audience, while the online version seeks a public as broad as possible, the print version is aimed exclusively at a more professional audience such as galleries, agencies and other professionals in the photographic and art industry, both editions have as objective and priority standing out any good photographer or project within the crowd. Highlighting their work and offering the right promotion tools. Dodho Magazine allows all amateur and professional photographers from around the world to spread their projects around the world in record time and share their passion and ideas about photography through their community.


el 08 sep de 2017


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