Richard Chang

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Nacimiento: China
Residencia: Reside en Beijing, China
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Publicada el 14 sep de 2017      Vista 12 veces

Descripción del Profesional del arte

Founded in 2008 by Richard Chang, a collector residing both in New York and Beijing, The Domus Collection presents a new ideal driven by a personal passion for art acquisition during an unprecedented period of international change. Focusing on both Eastern and Western artists, the private collection seeks to establish a cross cultural dialogue as contemporary art is embraced by more and more people worldwide. The Domus vision looks to build a unique repository of emerging and established contemporary artists to raise new questions about art internationally. By presenting ongoing exhibitions, the collection will continue to explore contemporary trends and practices, and offer new models for engagement. Domus has instituted a program to work in collaboration with institutions globally to ensure the collection's continued commitment to education and advocacy of the arts.


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