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100 Sculptures
Evento finalizado
jun 2019
jun 2019


Publicada el 26 jun de 2019      Vista 49 veces

Descripción de la Exposición

Curated with Todd von Ammon, 100 Sculptures is as advertised: one hundred small sculptures created by over one hundred international artists. The only given framework being that no sculpture have more than a 5 x 5 inch (12.7 x 12.7 cm) footprint. This traveling, regenerative, and celebratory exhibition is a meshwork; an extremely populous show with the objective to create the most dynamic, non-hierarchical system that is possible within the limited confines of a gallery space. The one hundred (+) objects on view have the ability to interact with and decode one another freely. The exhibition acts like a circuit board, wherein each artwork behaves like an attractor in the network. Through the use of media including casts, cloth, ceramic, found object, paper, bronze, concrete, aluminum, and many others, the pieces on view appear as plush, metallic, functional, mobile, automated, geometric, sensual, rhythmic, or even biologically subversive. Meanwhile the works conceptually range from spiritual and optimistic to dark, disarming, and uncanny. Each piece, despite its diminutive scale, maintains its own singularity and pathos amongst many other similarly sized objects. Together, shown at their maximum degree of variety and difference, each work assembles their own mutual logics and codes.


el 26 jun de 2019
05 nov - 26 nov
Curso Online.

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