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Idaira del Castillo – Cortesía de la Galería Manuel Ojeda
Evento finalizado
abr 2018
may 2018


Cuándo: 20 abr de 2018 - 25 may de 2018
Inauguración: 20 abr de 2018
Precio: Entrada gratuita
Dónde: Manuel Ojeda / Buenos Aires, 3 / Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Las Palmas, España
Organizada por: Manuel Ojeda
Artistas participantes: Idaira del Castillo Estévez
Publicada el 25 may de 2018      Vista 80 veces

Descripción de la Exposición

The artist IDAIRA DEL CASTILLO presents in Manuel Ojeda Gallery the 3 'to 3m exhibition project, that brings together a sample of acrylic drawings and superimposed fabrics that represent, in the words of the artist, "a summary vital and a turning point before acting. " The new artistic tapestry of IDAIRA DEL CASTILLO (Tenerife, Spain 1985) interweaves recycled fabrics and reinvented souvenirs that trace a path back to its origins. "Sometimes it is necessary to go back because, in that return, there is an evolution in which you simplify", points out the Tenerife creator. Her new exhibition project, titled 3 'to 3m, opens its doors in the Manuel Ojeda gallery, where he already presented an advance of this proposal at the beginning of the year in the shelter of the collective exhibition Project '18, together with the artists Cayetana H. Cuyás, Sara Velázquez and Ana Beltrá. "In this collection of drawings I return to play with colors, fabrics and recycled and sewn fabrics, turning them over to reprime", reveals the artist. "But I also wanted to give relevance to the drawing, to the figurative and, above all, to the portrait through the self-portraits, made from photographs or my reflections in the mirror, drawn freehand with a brush and acrylic, and transferred to a large format. " Del Castillo points out that the whole of the show "follows the line of my usual work but, at the same time, it means a return to the beginning of everything, even when I was little and I drew." In this respect, the epigraph of the exhibition refers to a submarine simile that symbolizes its artistic and vital moment. "The title means from 3 minutes to 3 meters, which refers to the moment when, when you do diving, you have to wait three minutes before going to the surface so that the body adapts and does not suffer a decompression," explains. "This symbolism reflects that moment of reflection in which you are in a kind of limbo, because you are waiting to leave, but it is also a necessary wait to evolve in the work or as preparation in order to take the next step," she adds. In this line, the artist reveals that "sometimes I perceive this exhibition as if it were under water, and that blur of images blurred or somewhat blurred as if it were a vital summary". In this sense, the artist conceives the proposal "as an artistic synthesis and as a point of inflection before acting". "Therefore, I mix real things with fictional things, which are part of an imaginary vocabulary of my own, in which I recreate thoughts or memories, but where, at the same time, I reinvent those memories, because many times what we evoke are things that we reinterpret, " she says. However, his artistic technique has varied to the extent that "my way of working now is faster, because the way we have to consume is faster, with that tendency to recycling and reuse of materials," she adds.


el 25 may de 2018


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