Avelino Sala, Instalación barrio del Vedado La Habana, 2012
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jul 2013
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Cuándo: Desde 15 jul de 2013
Inauguración: 15 jul de 2013
Dónde: National Center for Contemporary Art (NCCA) / Zoologicheskaya st., 13, build. 2. / Moscow, Moscow City, Rusia
Comisariada por: Karina Karaeva
Organizada por: National Center for Contemporary Art (NCCA)
Artistas participantes: Avelino Sala
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Descripción de la Exposición

Avelino Sala (Gijon 1972) is one the most active and radical Spanish artists, working on the borderline between a strong social statement and a critique of an artist's behavior in existing economic and political conditions. His art is always an attempt at a reflection on social conflict in Spain.


Moreover, in his works the artist questions the originality and richness of contemporary artistic expression. Can it merely be an interpretation and reflection of political events or a product of 'media trash'?


He works across a widespread area covering the most various media of contemporary creation and dissemination. These include founding and co-editing the magazine Sublime. In parallel, he has shown his work in several solo and group exhibitions.


His focus shifts across a wide yet intense and fertile territory, defined by a conceptualization of the eminently autobiographical as a reflection on the contradictions inherent to the artist's role in contemporary society, an issue he explores in his installations.


For this his first solo show in Moscu Sala will prepare a retrospective of his career as a video artist and will show more that 15 videos from 2006 until 2013.


Avelino Sala (Gijon 1972) is an artist and curator ( Commission) and also editor (revista Sublime) he writes in media as Artishock or A-Desk. His work as anartist has led him to questioning the cultural and social reality from a perspective I am late romantic, with a look it criticizes and slightly comfortable in I continue exploring the imaginary social one and trying to put the finger in the sore to verify the power of the art as generator of spaces of experimentation capable of recreating new worlds. His work has appeared in different collective national and international exhibitions:


(Distopia right now 2012) Carrara marble museum, (Funeral Pyre 2012) Matadero, Madrid, (Cacotopia 2011), First Screen, La Pedrera (AUTRUI 2011)Centre Dart Le Lait Grahulet, Francia, (Block House2011), Galeria Raquel Ponce, ARTIUM (Detente! 2010), Real Academia de Espan?a en Roma, (Patria o Morte! 2010), Virgil de Voldere gallery, Nueva York, (Hostil 2009), Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofi?a (Reencontres Internacionales, 2009), X Bienal de la Habana, (Comunicacionismos, 2009), A Foundation, Londres (Off the Street,, 2009), Insert Coin, Spanish young Art, October Contemporary, Hong Kong 2009) o Tina B, Bienal de Praga, (Small Revolutions 2008) o The promised Land (Chelsea Art Museum, 2008). Premio Generacio?n 2003 por CajaMadrid. Sponsored by Hangar, Bilbao Arte, Cajastur, Le Lait or Academia de Espan?a in Rome.


Curreltly is preparing a residency in I.S.C.P from NY and others solo shows for museums and galleries.



el 26 may de 2016

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