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Tania Candiani — Cortesía de la Galeria Vermelho
oct 2020
ene 2021


Cuándo: 22 oct de 2020 - 09 ene de 2021
Inauguración: 22 oct de 2020
Dónde: Union Hall - University of Colorado Boulder / 1750 Wewatta Street, Suite 144 / Denver, Colorado, Estados Unidos
Organizada por: Union Hall - University of Colorado Boulder
Artistas participantes: Alejandra Abad, Tania Candiani
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Publicada el 15 oct de 2020      Vista 5 veces

Descripción de la Exposición

Boundaries in time and space, so often alienating or abrupt, also offer a place for enmeshment, a recognition of assorted, inherent continuums. Artists here work to illuminate indiscernible thresholds, subtle rhythms of horizons, watermarks of catastrophe. Our shared environmental futures depend upon recognizing the particularities of loss and inequality, while also demanding a constant realignment of vantages, so justice becomes actionable. Our fortunes, our fates, our borders, our bodies are all co-terminous, and they require heightened perception to witness the fainter spectrum of what’s being lost and what could be gained. Curated by Erin Espelie: Assistant Professor, Cinema Studies & Critical Media Practices and Co- Director, NEST Studio for the Arts, CU Boulder.


el 15 oct de 2020