Cortesía de Syntax
Evento finalizado
dic 2017
ene 2018

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Cuándo: 01 dic de 2017 - 06 ene de 2018
Inauguración: 30 nov de 2017
Dónde: syntax Project / Rua Coronel Ferreira do Amaral, 21A / Lisboa, Portugal
Comisariada por: Verónica Valentini
Organizada por: Syntax Project
Artistas participantes: Beatriz Olabarrieta
Publicada el 30 nov de 2017      Vista 60 veces

Descripción de la Exposición

Beatriz Olabarrieta constructs installations that look like collages - combining objects made of light and ductile materials with drawings and sound. These are realised in collaboration with others. Meeting With a Double Agent questions "sensitivities" specific to certain stories and conflicts. It enriches the way we can evoke them through a physical incarnation in(habiting) places already charged with the story. It teases out the story’s persistence and resistance as well as its sensitivity and responsiveness. What the artist makes is the ghostly double of something in the real world, as if she perceives the world from a different, non-dominant perspective - from the place and space of the other. The exhibition is a site for examining oblique perspectives between the artist’s position and those of different figures. It is in the particular sound and light elements that occupy the border between the individual and domestic domain, the invisible and the visible that the whole project converges. The bodies move through the exhibition, in a project that aggregates multiple objects and practices of questioning.


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El 19 oct de 2018
Foro Colecciona / Madrid, España

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