"Imagenes Tactiles". Inês Teles, 2018
Evento finalizado
oct 2018
dic 2018


Cuándo: 11 oct de 2018 - 21 dic de 2018
Inauguración: 11 oct de 2018 / 19:00
Horario: De Lunes a Viernes, de 15h00 a 20h00
Dónde: Acervo - Arte Contemporânea [ESPACIO CERRADO] / Rua do Machadinho, 1 (São Bento) / Lisboa, Portugal
Comisariada por: Luís Castanheira Loureiro
Organizada por: NO·NO Gallery (ex-Acervo - Arte Contemporânea)
Artistas participantes: Inês Teles
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Teléfonos: +351913639028
Correo electrónico: info@acervo.com.pt
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Descripción de la Exposición

PAIRAR ADENTRO, Inês Teles (solo exhibition) 2018.10.11 - 2018.12.21 Opening: Oct 11, 7 - 10 pm „(…) Inês Teles understands that nothing is absolutely stable, solid. But that everything is ephemeral and, to a certain extent, liquid, applying that idea to the link she establishes with the disciplines and techniques through which she expresses herself. In the case of a painting - one of the areas to which she feels particularly close - the artist understands that this expression, primary and traditional, can exist in different forms, regardless of any support. It is going beyond the barriers that determine that practise that she frees it from any boundary, allowing it to be broad, heterogenous, plural. To assume different faces, to be bidimensional and tridimensional, representative or abstract. Or yet, to exist purely in the form of a chromatic proof. (…) To paper, fabric, cristal resine, varnish, colour, pulverised painting and the indispensable pigments, the movement of the artist’s hand adapts, the rhythm meets the gesture and these creations appear which, for their naturalness and constructive clearness, and a tactility so much of her own, become abstract, singular and unrepeatable. These are, indisputably, feminine works without them being, for that reason, reducible to a dichotomy of gender, in the sense that this work is, indeed, multiple, transversal and timeless. The work functions, precisely, in an admirable balance between the extreme sensitiveness and a likewise transparency, sustained by an intelligible assertiveness, rationality and study.(…)“. (Constança Babo)


el 08 oct de 2018


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