Exposición en Brumadinho, Minas Gerais, Brasil

Quarto Ato — O Quilombismo: Documentos de uma Militância Pan-Africanista

Instituto Inhotim / Rua B, 20 / Brumadinho, Minas Gerais, Brasil
Desde 11 nov de 2023
11 nov de 2023
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Descripción de la Exposición
Instituto Inhotim announces the opening of a new exhibition, a commissioned work and a theater play as part of its artistic program in November. The final Act of the Programa Abdias Nascimento e o Museu de Arte Negra, Quarto Ato—O Quilombismo: Documentos de uma Militância Pan-Africanista (Abdias Nascimento and the Black Art Museum Program, Fourth Act—Quilombismo: Documents of a Pan-Africanist Militancy), curated jointly with the Instituto de Pesquisas e Estudos Afro-Brasileiros—IPEAFRO (Institute for Afro-Brazilian Research and Studies) will be inaugurated on November 11 at Galeria Mata. On the same date, the work Giro (2023) by artist Luana Vitra will be presented at Galeria Marcenaria. Another unprecedented attraction at the Institute is the production of an adapted version of the play Sortilégio—Mistério Negro (Sortilege —Black Mystery), by Abdias Nascimento, presented on November 11–12, at Inhotim. Fourth Act—Quilombismo: Documents of a Pan-Africanist Militancy In 2020, Inhotim and IPEAFRO started an unprecedented partnership and inaugurated ... in December 2021 the first exhibition as part of the Abdias Nascimento and the Black Art Museum Program. The Fourth Act draws an overview of the life of Abdias Nascimento (1914–2011), having as its axis Xangô, orisha of justice, a strong figure in the artist’s thought, discourse and paintings. The exhibition, divided into eight sections, explores the multiple achievements of poet, playwright, actor, writer, artist and politician Abdias Nascimento. From the perspective of quilombismo resistance and creativity, he introduced a new mindset for production, culture and life that extended beyond his time. “The fourth act, which is dedicated to Quilombismo, a concept that permeates the life, work and practice of this artist and intellectual, is the conclusion of this project that honors an entire legacy. Over these three years of Abdias’ presence at Inhotim, we have observed his ideas spill over into other exhibitions, into the structure of the institution. This exhibition marks the final act of the Program, and it features the consolidation of Abdias’ production as a landmark in Brazilian and international culture,” explains Douglas de Freitas, coordinating curator at Inhotim. The exhibition series Abdias Nascimento and the Black Art Museum highlights the enduring trajectory of Abdias, who forged the path of activism and the fight against racism. “In this partnership, we made progress in the discussions on issues related to the presence of Black people in museums. Even though the journey is long and the challenges are constant, today we can say that Inhotim is moving towards constructing a space that is more friendly to Black people, as a result of the initiatives based on the presence of Abdias Nascimento’s legacy in the museum,” says Julio Menezes Silva of IPEAFRO, journalist, researcher and co-curator of the exhibition. “Throughout the partnership, we have had the privilege of moving towards the materialization of dreams. In 1950, when they started conceiving the Museu de Arte Negra, Abdias Nascimento and his partners envisioned the transformation of the concept of a museum. In opposition to the exclusionary and inert institution of European ethnocentrism, they proposed valuing the person and the art of the excluded, and that they should take the reins and define their own path, in order to interact on an equal footing in the construction of living and dynamic spaces. IPEAFRO has the same dream as it carries forward Abdias’ legacy. The partnership with Inhotim has opened up spaces for new dynamics towards justice, the principle of Xangô that presides over this Fourth Act. We hope that these spaces will continue to grow at Inhotim, in the world of arts and in society as a whole,” says Elisa Larkin Nascimento, director of IPEAFRO and co-curator of the show. The exhibition is sponsored by Itaú, at the Master level, and by Petrobras at the Silver level through the Federal Law of Incentive to Culture. Petrobras awarded sponsorship to the project through the call for sponsorship proposals Chamada Petrobras Cultural Múltiplas Expressões 2022. Luana Vitra commission for Galeria Marcenaria Giro (2023), by Luana Vitra, is also opening on November 11 and is being commissioned especially for Galeria Marcenaria. The artist’s work marks the beginning of a new purpose for this gallery, which will now host temporary exhibitions at Inhotim, together with Lago, Fonte, Mata and Praça galleries. The material elements of Giro include ceramic vases made in partnership with Benedikt Wiertz of Ateliê Xakra, also located in the city of Brumadinho, and Alex Santana (Cerâmica Santana). Another dialogue with the surroundings is that the stones used in the work were collected on-site at Inhotim. The work features copper pieces produced by Aitam Camilo (ArteTude). In her work, the artist questions our relationship with the landscape, especially that of Minas Gerais. The work also relates to various aspects of the life of Luana as a plastic artist, dancer and performer. The multi-artist grew up in the city of Contagem, Minas Gerais state, an industrial city that exposed her body to iron and soot. She was gestated between woodworking (through her father) and the word (through her mother, a teacher). The exhibition is sponsored by Construtora Barbosa Mello, at the Silver level, through the Federal Law of Incentive to Culture. Sortilege —Black Mystery As part of the Abdias Nascimento and the Black Art Museum Program, an adaptation of the play written by the artist, Sortilégio—Mistério Negro (Sortilege —Black Mystery) will be staged at Inhotim, under the direction of Adyr Assumpção. The adaptation has a close relationship with Brumadinho, the territory where some of the cast and director Adyr Assumpção live. The play will be performed at the theater of the Centro de Educação e Cultura Burle Marx (Burle Marx Educational and Cultural Center), at Inhotim, November 11–12. Vale is the Master Maintainer of the presentation of Sortilégio, which is also sponsored, at the Master level, by Cemig through the Minas Gerais State Law of Incentive to Culture and the Federal Law of Incentive to Culture.



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