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Rochelle Costi, Reproducer (2008), detalhe da instalação
Evento finalizado
abr 2016
jun 2016


Cuándo: 15 abr de 2016 - 30 jun de 2016
Inauguración: 15 abr de 2016
Dónde: The Photographers Gallery / 16-18 Ramillies Street, Top Floor Gallery (5th floor) / London, London, City of, Reino Unido
Organizada por: The Photographers' Gallery
Artistas participantes: Rochelle Costi
Publicada el 18 abr de 2016      Vista 174 veces

Descripción de la Exposición

In Reproducer (2008), Rochelle Costi presents reproductions of photographs by renowned artists for visitors to select and draw. Work by the following artists is included: Marina Abromovic, Lenora de Barros, João Castilho, Rochelle Costi, Thomas Farkas, German Lorca, João Modé, Vik Muniz, Rosângela Rennó. Using the drawing materials provided, visitors are invited to make use of her 'reproduction desks' - tables with transparent, 'darkroom red', upright dividers - that aid image translation through drawing. Completed drawings can then be exhibited with the reproductions, becoming themselves "originals". Costi is interested in fusing the mechanics of the camera with that of the human eye in a single space, suggesting that reproduction is never faithful and that reproducibility, whether mechanical or manual, is always subjective. This work is presented in association with the exhibition Double Take: Drawing and Photography. It is open on Thursdays, with variable hours on other days. Rochelle Costi (b. 1961, Brasil) is a multi disciplinary artist based in Sao Paulo. Her work has been shown internationally including in From the Margin to the Edge: Brazilian Art and Design in the 21st Century, Somerset House, London (2012).


el 18 abr de 2016