Rodrigo Arteaga. Trees in Britain and Practical Zoology
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ene 2017
ene 2017

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Cuándo: 11 ene de 2017 - 26 ene de 2017
Inauguración: 11 ene de 2017
Dónde: AirSpace Gallery / 4 Broad Street / Stoke-on-Trent, Reino Unido
Organizada por: AirSpace Gallery
Artistas participantes: Rodrigo Arteaga
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Descripción de la Exposición

Trees in Britain and Practical Zoology is a brand new installation from Chilean artist Rodrigo Arteaga, which utilises intricate sculpture made from the pages of found books to explore a relationship between nature and culture. The project comprises two book interventions: “Trees in Britain” consists of many cut-out illustrations from a found book that have been folded and placed on the floor to appear “natural”, while “Practical Zoology” is a collection of sculptures made from the pulp of a book about Zoology, depicting animal bones, and presented in a shelf as if it came from a natural history collection. They both deal with a perceived relationship between nature and culture, and the questioning of the representation of nature. The aspect of nature imitation and representation has a point of reference in the history of Frank Stainbridge´s greenhouses built in the early 1900s. The first greenhouse was made with real plants brought from the Amazon Basin with Alexander Von Humboldt. In a storm the glass got destroyed and all the tropical plants died. He rebuilt it with over 2000 specimens. Then a religious fanatic burnt it down thinking that is was an offense to god. Researchers found out that he employed fake plants in the first one, and also live plants in the second. So neither of them had “real nature” or “artificial nature” all the way through, but a nature/culture hybrid that only he knew about. -Rodrigo Arteaga, 2017 ------------------------------------------------------------ Rodrigo Arteaga b. Santiago, Chile, 1988. Graduated from the University of Chile specializing in Printmaking (2010) and currently studying Sculpture at the Slade School of Art. Some of his solo exhibitions are: "Just as the daylight was fading", Sobering Galerie, France; "A natural history of ideas, part II", Galería Tajamar, Chile; "Upon Stars and Roots", Galería AFA, Chile. He has exhibited his work in collective exhibitions in Germany, Spain, Bolivia, Perú, Puerto Rico, Argentina, Venezuela and Colombia. He has been a part of International Biennials such as: IV Poli/Graphic Triennial of San Juan, Puerto Rico; SIART Biennial 2013, La Paz, Bolivia; 11 th Biennial of Media Arts, Santiago, Chile. He has been supported by grants from the Direction of Foreign Cultural Affairs of Chile, CONICYT, and the Prince Claus Fund.


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