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may 2020
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Descripción de la Exposición

La XXII Bienal de Arte Paiz se llevará a cabo en 2020 enfocándose a nuevos horizontes. Con Alexia Tala como curadora general y Gabriel Rodríguez como curador adjunto, la bienal se perfila como una bienal profundamente contextual que genere una plataforma inclusiva de diálogo regional y con el Sur Global sobre los temas abordados catalizando las relaciones entre lo histórico y lo contemporáneo, que sea generadora de vínculos e interacción entre los artistas participantes y que sea amistosa hacia un público general no especializado y muy especialmente a estudiantes. ------------------------------------------------------ Titled lost. in between. together (a reference to one of the great thinkers of presentism, Reinhart Koselleck), the 22nd Bienal de Arte Paiz explores the complexity of interpreting the past and looking to the future from the cultural and geographic diversity of Latin America. For the first time in its history, Bienal de Arte Paiz will be entirely focused on issues affecting the Global South. Its approach will not be from a European or colonial position, but rather, from an indigenous perspective. With Guatemala as a point of departure to investigate issues around violence, interculturality and contemporary and ancestral history, lost. in between. together. hopes to establish points of encounter between art and the current Latin American context. Themes such as ancestrality, human rights and the power of geographies, as well as other narratives and forms of knowledge, will be examined from a non-colonial perspective; particularly relevant as Guatemala is a country with one of the largest indigenous populations on the continent. Based on an exercise of dialogue between local and international artists, with the participation of specialists such as archaeologists, historians, architects, healers and botanists, among others, the 22nd Bienal de Arte Paiz proposes a deep process of integration, exchange, collectivity and activation that transcends borders and conventional ideas and frameworks. Curated by Alexia Tala, chief curator, and Gabriel Roriguez, adjunct curator, the 22nd Biennial of Art Paiz opens to the public in Guatemala City on Friday, 29 May and in Antigua Guatemala on Saturday, 30 May. Prior to its official opening, two film screening events will take place in both cities in March and April. In addition, the educational program activities that began in November 2019 will continue until September 2020 Biennial curator Alexia Tala: “The phenomena of technologized lives reflect the complex reality of our contemporary times, creating a sense of disorientation sometimes known as presentism. The Global South has a radical experience of this, as a territory whose history is an itinerary of violence, often coming from the North. The 22nd Bienal de Arte Paiz is an effort to break free of the inertia of this sense of presentism by exploring issues we face from an Indigenous and regional perspective: the Guatemalan reality.” About Bienal de Arte Paiz Founded in Guatemala in 1978, the Bienal de Arte Paiz is the second oldest in Latin America and the sixth oldest in the world. It has been held continuously since then and aims to propose a reflection and experimentation with contemporary art from Latin America and Guatemala. The Bienial de Arte Paiz is accompanied by an educational project that extends beyond the dates of the biennial and helps to rooth the event in the local context while working among local communities. About Fundación Paiz para la Educación y la Cultura Established four decades ago as a corporate social responsibility organization, the Foundation promotes educational, cultural and artistic programs. It is a non-profit organization committed to the development and transformation of Guatemalan society to improve the current educational system with multidisciplinary programs in art, culture and education. The Bienal de Arte Paiz is its major event and has historically adhered to the need for dialogue, dissemination and internalization of contemporary art produced in Guatemala. Alexia Tala is an independent curator, critic and researcher. She is currently chief curator of the 22nd Bienal de Arte Paiz in Guatemala, curator of Solo en SP-Arte in São Paulo (Brazil 2019 - 2020) and artistic director of Plataforma Atacama, a project focused on the relationship between art and place, based in the Atacama Desert. Over the past 12 years, she has participated as a curator in more than five biennials in Latin America. She writes for art publications both in Latin America and internationally, and is the author of Installations and Experimental Printmaking (UK, 2009) and a forthcoming monographic publication by Lotty Rosenfeld. Gabriel Rodriguez is an artist, curator and teacher trained in architecture. He works as a curator at the Centro Cultural Municipal in Guatemala City. He is currently adjunct curator of the 22nd Bienal de Arte Paiz in Guatemala and is co-curating the exhibition Inquieta Imagen at the Museo de Arte y Diseño de Costa Rica. He has curated monographic exhibitions for artists such as Moisés Barrios and Rodolfo Abularach and has held group exhibitions in independent projects such as Sótano 1, Concepción 41 and 1001 noches.


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