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Bill y Charlotte Ford

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Residencia: Reside en Nueva York, New York, Estados Unidos
Artistas en su colección de arte: Alice Neel, Anne Collier, Carol Bove,
Publicada el 01 dic de 2016      Vista 215 veces

Descripción del Profesional del arte

Charlotte Ford began collecting contemporary art for personal enjoyment, but it evolved into an ambitious lifetime venture, a beautiful engagement where she fostered the early careers of young artists. Her collection focuses on emerging talent and a commitment to individual artists such as Andrea Bowers, Wade Guyton, Karen Kilimnik, Gabriel Orozco, Laura Owens, Gedi Sibony, and Ryan Trecartin. Her collection includes significant historical works by David Hammons, Yayoi Kusama, Alice Neel, and Mira Schendel. Guided by passion and subject matter that is important to her, she has collected and supported the works of Carol Bové, Anne Collier, Isa Gensken, and Martha Rosler. She serves on the board of directors of The New Museum and The Kitchen. She is a member of The Whitney Museum of American Art's painting and sculpture acquisition committee and a member of the visiting committee for photography. Charlotte a granddaughter of Hsiao Peng Feng of Taipei, Taiwan. He was a district governor of western Manchuria in 1948 and later the chairman of the land administration and economics department at the National Political University in Taipei, where he is a trustee. She is also a granddaughter of Maj. Gen. Joseph K. S. Yin of Taipei, who was a divisional commander during World War II and the chief of staff of the Nationalist army. Mr. Ford, an associate in mergers and acquisitions at Morgan Stanley & Company in New York, graduated from Amherst College and received an M.B.A. degree from Stanford University. His father is the president of the Ford Financial Group, a financial services concern in Florham Park, N.J.


el 01 dic de 2016

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15 oct - 11 feb
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