Investigador/Docente, Comisario

Hilde van Gelder

Cortesía de KU Leuven
Reside en Leuven, Vlaams-Brabant, Bélgica
Enlaces oficiales:
Descripción del Profesional del arte
Profesora de Historia de Arte Moderno y Contemporáneo en el KU Leuven. Hilde Van Gelder studied law at the universities of Namur, Göttingen and Leuven (1987-1992), and art history in Leuven (1992-1995). She also obtained a complementary certificate in philosophy (GAS) from the University of Leuven (1996). She received her PhD in Art History from the University of Leuven in 2000. From January to December of 1997 she was a Fulbright Visiting Scholar at the Department of Art and Art Professions, New York University, where she enrolled in the seminars of RoseLee Goldberg. During that period, she also audited the graduate seminars of Benjamin Buchloh at Columbia University, and of Carol Armstrong at CUNY. She extended her stay in New York during 1998 thanks to an FWO Travel Grant. In 2002, she was appointed assistant professor at the University of Leuven’s art history department, and in 2009 she became an associate ... professor. In 2009, she was also – together with T.J. Demos (University College London) - the recipient of a VLAC research fellowship (Flemish Academy for Science and the Arts, Brussels). She is director of the Lieven Gevaert Research Centre for Photography, together with Alexander Streitberger (Université catholique de Louvain). She is editor of the Lieven Gevaert Series (University Press Leuven). She is an editor of the e-journal Image [&] Narrative, member of Open Humanities Press. She is also a member of the editorial board of A PRIOR Magazine. Bringing in both her legal and philosophical background, her research focuses on how the photographic and moving image as contemporary art can contribute to shaping insights into the current state of the global political and socio-economic sphere. She has published in various journals, including History of Photography, Semiotic Inquiry, Visual Studies, Philosophy of Photography, and Grey Room. Her book, Photography Theory in Historical Perspective. Case Studies from Contemporary Art, co-authored with Helen Westgeest, was published with Wiley-Blackwell in 2011. This book is currently translated to Chinese. She has produced multiple chapters in books on a wide range of artists, including Victor Burgin, Peter Friedl, Gilles Saussier, Allan Sekula, and Bruno Serralongue. She is currently working on a book-length study of Allan Sekula’s Ship of Fools/The Dockers’ Museum (2014). She is a regular guest curator of exhibitions, including Hortus Panoramicus (2001) and Bruegel Revisited (2006). She completed a six-year long collaborative research project with the Belgian artist Philippe Van Snick, which culminated in an exhibition at M Leuven (2010) and a book publication that contained a virtual retrospective exhibition of the artist’s work. In the Fall of 2014, she is guest curating Ephemeral Video Library II at Jeu de Paume in Paris, together with Marta Ponsa. She is also active as an art critic, and as such has held blogs for Jeu de Paume (2011) and for Fotomuseum Winterthur (2012). She has published contributions in various magazines, including Her book, co-edited with Laurens Dhaenens, Kunstkritiek. Standpunten rond beeldende kunsten uit België en Nederland in een internationaal perspectief (1985-2010) was published with Lannoo Campus in 2010. FIVE SELECTED PUBLICATIONS J. Baetens and H. Van Gelder (eds.), Critical Realism in Contemporary Art. Around Allan Sekula's Photography (Leuven University Press, 2006). H. Van Gelder, 'A Matter of Cleaning Up: Treating History in the Work of Allan Sekula and Jeff Wall', History of Photography, 31, 1 (Spring 2007): 68-80. H. Van Gelder and H. Westgeest (eds), Photography between Poetry and Politics. The Critical Position of the Photographic Medium in Contemporary Art (Leuven University Press Leuven, 2008). L. Decan and H. Van Gelder (eds), Philippe Van Snick. Dynamic Project (ASA Publishers, 2010). T.J. Demos and H. Van Gelder (eds), In and out of Brussels: figuring postcolonial Africa and Europe in the films of Herman Asselberghs, Sven Augustijnen, Renzo Martens, and Els Opsomer (Leuven University Press, 2012).



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