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Creado en: 2004
Residencia: Reside en Barcelona, España
Ferias en las que participa con OBRA : Swab Barcelona 2017, 2015 ART021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair, Art Fair Tokyo 2015
Galerías y otras organizaciones que le representan: Power Station of Art (PSA)
Organizaciones con obra: Power Station of Art (PSA)
Profesionales que le representan: Laura Tammen
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Descripción del Artista

Lolo & Sosaku Lolo born 1977 in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Sosaku born 1976 in Tokyo, Japan) meet each other for the first time in 2004 in Barcelona. Since then they have become inseparably and act as artist duo Lolo & Sosaku. At first they cooperate in a wide range of artistic expressions - as painters, sculptors, street artists and video-artists –, where Lolo & Sosaku discover a mutual interest in an experimental way of exploring the arts and creating new art forms. In 2005 they start to concentrate on an intense and experimental investigation of music and sound. Two albums, “First Album” (2008) and “Light – Night” (2009), are recorded and state a different concept of music. At that time Lolo & Sosaku start to invent and sculpt their first instruments composed of wood, nylon strings, lead weights and other, mostly, recycled materials, in order to create a new kind of music. The instruments work by the mechanism of the pendulum, or through the use of other elements as sticks, for example, which are used by the artists themselves, and activate the sound of the instrument. Inserted contact microphones capture tiny sound vibrations, that are inaudible sounds in human being, and permit a complete transmission of noise - an experimental interplay between instruments and rhythms, created through human interaction. 2010 the first performative sound installation is created in the course of the Festival NOVA, taking place in the Museum MIS (Sao Paulo), Cinemateca do Brasil (Sao Paulo) and Fundação Casa França Brasil (Rio de Janeiro). In 2012 Lolo & Sosaku are invited to perform their sound happening at the music festival Sónar (Barcelona), which enables their breakthrough in Spain and results in plural performances at important institutions as the Museo Reina Sofia and Matadero, Madrid (among others). Shortly after, the second generation of instruments is being built, in which the spectator gains in importance and becomes part of the artwork itself. With the help of sticks, pendulums and weights, the observer is invited to interact and form a symbiosis with the instruments. The self-awareness of the participating recipient and the experience of sound becomes a new and important element in Lolo & Sosaku’s work. In 2013 they give the concert „Acuastico“ (Madrid, 2013), where the audience under water „submerges“ literally in the sound world of the artist duo. A year later the series „Motores“ (2014) is generated. The innovation -the used motors- gives the constituting title of this third generation, which is characterized through an independent performance of the instruments themselves. No human interaction is needed; the instruments start to move autonomously through the motors, which determine rhythm and noise. Thus, a new visual (moving character of the instruments) and acoustical experience (creaking and rasping wood of each moving part of the instrument) is evoked. Their recent sculptures have become bigger and more complex. New materials, such as fabrics or plastic sheets are applied and give the wooden structures a “skin“, under which the sculpture moves and creates new shapes. Lately, Lolo and Sosaku are working with implanted motors, thus the sculptures’ own movements create sounds.

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el 06 ago de 2018


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Exposiciones en las que ha participado como artista

Lolo & Sosaku, Disco cristal, 2018. Perfil meta?lico 20 x 20 x 2 mm – Cortesía de la galería Luis Adelantado
26 abr de 2018 - 28 jun de 2018


Luis Adelantado - Boiler Room / Valencia, España

07 may de 2016 - 19 jun de 2016


Fundació Gaspar / Barcelona, España

Lolo & Sosaku
23 jun de 2012 - 10 jul de 2012

Lolo & Sosaku - Música Máquina

Superficie Gallery / Barcelona, España

16 jul de 2016 - 16 oct de 2016


Power Station of Art (PSA) / Shanghai, China

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