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ILHAS LUZ, instalación láser

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Nacimiento: Duderstadt, Niedersachsen, Alemania
Residencia: Reside en Alemania
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Publicada el 07 mar de 2019      Vista 16 veces

Descripción del Artista

It's the topic of LIGHT that has been shaping my artistic work in different ways for 20 years. It is a painting-altering factor in my semi-transparent polyester works, the "Translucids", since 1999. The refracted transparency of the plates allows front and back processing as well as layering of the processed and painted surfaces one behind the other, creating an image space. Light reflects partly on the wall in a colorful aura and expands the boundaries of the picture beyond the borders of the painting or casts delicate shadows, developing a special depth even within the pictorial space. Since 2008 I started to work with pure light itself. From the beginning on until today I work exclusively with red laser light. What is impressive about laser light is its appearance almost of being an object. It is paradoxical – weightless and yet present. If you hold your hand in it, the beam causes a glaring, glowing-red reflection that triggers the expectation that a hole will be burnt instantly through the hand. But nothing of the kind occurs. In all the installations the encounter oft he spectator with the light plays a significant role.


el 08 mar de 2019


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18 oct de 2018 - 02 dic de 2018

Ilhas luz

Laboratório de Química Analítica - Museu Nacional de História Natural e da Ciência (MNHNC) / Lisboa, Portugal

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