Nacimiento: 1963
Residencia: Reside en Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India
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Descripción del Artista

Soma y'Luz THE ROAD NOT TAKEN Two roads diverged in a wood and I – I took the one less travelled by. And that has made all the difference. Soma y'Luz was discovered in the eighties by the editor Günther Braus, who introduced her into the international world of photography. A few years later she retired from the ‘market’ and moved to the island of Lanzarote. There she began to work with various media and materials (‘objets trouvés’) which she later used in her installations, together with sound(s), lighting design, collages, photographs and her own poetic texts. In 2001 she began the project ‘Agencia e Phure Manoucheskero’, a work in constant progress, in which she portrays and interviews people who stand out for being true to themselves. Within the context of this project she founded the ‘School of Perception: Seeing through Looking’ and initiated various actions including, among others, ‘Art-Mail - Inspirations’, ’The Stones of Memory’, ‘777 Messages in a Bottle from a Castaway’,.. “Soma y'Luz still belongs to the ancient order of crusaders, for whom a crusade lasts their whole live.” Andrés Gamboa, Art Director, LUNWERG Editores, Barcelona “The work of the artist Soma y'Luz is extensive and versatile. She is a charismatic person, capable of fusing art and life and of projecting her work to the outside world like a magic force field, like a hymn to individual freedom. ... In her photographs she portrays the landscapes of the soul of human existence. Through her ‘light paintings’ we can recognize the pulse of life in a single glance, and we realize how the artist transforms the invisible ‘I’ of the observer into the visible ‘you’ in a unique way. Günter Braus, Editor, Edition BRAUS, Heidelberg “...Soma y'Luz lädt die Menschen mit künstlerischer Energie auf. Sie füllt die Seelen der kunstbetrachtenden Menschen....“ Alexander Posch, Journalist, Bregenz Soma y'Luz, Artist, Photographer, Writer Born in 1963 in Khande, Spain.Trained in the art of perception by Kaku Mateo and in photography by Hans Silvestre (Magnum) and Siegfried Lauterwasser (personal photographer of H. v. Karajan). Lives between Varanasi (India) and Seville (Spain). Exhibitions include: 1993, Images - Comme dans un miroir, Musée Elysée, Lausanne 1994, Still Life, Photo GalleryInternational, Tokyo 2001, Fotografische Sammlung, Museum Ludwig, Cologne 2002, Alvarez Bravo: Private Collection, Museum de Arte Moderno, Mexico DC 2004, Collectors I, Mannheimer Kunstverein, Mannheim 2004, Menschenbilder’, AirPort Gallery, Frankfurt 2012, An die Grenzen gehen, Instituto Cervantes, Berlin 2014, Vom Werden und Vergehen, Kunstlerhaus Bregenz


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