Equipo (3)

  • Bree Zucker

    Bree Zucker

    Directora de Kurimanzutto new york desde Marzo de 2018
  • Lissa McClure

    Lissa McClure

    Directora Senior de Kurimanzutto new york desde Marzo de 2018
  • Fotografía de Pia Riverola. Vía nota de prensa con motivo del anuncio de la nueva plataforma online South South el 20/12/22. Cortesía de Pickles PR

    José Kuri

    Co-fundador desde Enero de 1999

Espacios expositivos (3)

  • kurimanzutto

    Gob. Rafael Rebollar, 94 - Col. San Miguel Chapultepec Ciudad de México, Distrito Federal, México

  • Sonora 128 - programa de arte público de kurimanzutto

    Avenida Sonora and Nuevo León, Colonia Hipódromo Condesa Ciudad de México, Distrito Federal, México

  • Kurimanzutto New York

    22 East 65th Street Nueva York, New York, Estados Unidos


Dirección: Gob. Rafael Rebollar, 94 - Col. San Miguel Chapultepec, Ciudad de México, Distrito Federal, México
Ferias en las que participa con OBRA : Art Basel OVR: Miami Beach, Art Basel 2020 - Online Viewing Rooms, Art Basel Hong Kong 2020 / CANCELADA
Artistas que representa: Abraham Cruzvillegas, Adrián Villar Rojas, Akram Zaatari
Enlaces oficiales Web  Facebook  Twitter 
Teléfonos: (5255)5256-2408
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Descripción de la Organización

Fundada en 1999 por Mónica Manzutto y José Kuri, la galería empezó sin tener un espacio fijo de exposición con el fin de provocar una forma de trabajo distinta, enfocada en promover la carrera de los artistas. Desde 2008, las instalaciones se encuentran en la colonia San Miguel Chapultepec. Actualmente, kurimanzutto representa a 34 artistas, nacionales e internacionales, y se caracteriza por ser un lugar de encuentro abierto a la crítica y la investigación. En marzo de 2018 anunció la apertura de un nuevo espacio de proyectos en Nueva York en 22 East 65th Street, en el Upper East Side, uno de los barrios más elitistas, por no decir el que más, de Nueva York. ---------------------------------------------------- kurimanzutto was conceived by Gabriel Orozco, José Kuri and Mónica Manzutto in 1999 and was initially founded as a nomadic enterprise. Its projects occupied disparate spaces across the urban landscape of Mexico City, driven by a commitment to foster local, national, and global bridges for its artists. In the following years, kurimanzutto has evolved as a forum for institutional exhibitions and international representation, while maintaining its profoundly collaborative approach with artists. Inhabiting unlikely places and partnering with diverse cultural entities to break ground for conversations and narratives outside the traditional white-cube gallery space has always been an underlying principle of the gallery. Since its founding, the gallery has been instrumental in developing and supporting the careers of a wide cohort of artists, such as Abraham Cruzvillegas, Damián Ortega, Monika Sosnowska, Minerva Cuevas, Gabriel Orozco, Jimmie Durham, Rirkrit Tiravanija, Gabriel Kuri, Daniel Guzmán, and Dr. Lakra. Throughout the years, kurimanzutto has formed strong relationships with an international group of artists including, Adrián Villar Rojas, Gabriel Sierra, Leonor Antunes, Danh Vō, Apichatpong Weerasethakul, Nairy Baghramian, Roman Ondak, and Haegue Yang. The ethos of the gallery was informed by and continues to evolve as a collaborative platform for the distinctive works and ideas of its artists. kurimanzutto new york represents an extension of kurimanzutto Mexico City. This reaffirms the mission to create new spaces and situations that will transmit the gallery’s spirit, where the artist is central to its existence. kurimanzutto new york will act as a catalyst for this broad international program across North America. Regarding the establishment of kurimanzutto new york, co-founder Mónica Manzutto says: “The opening of our project space in New York marks an essential development for our growing family of artists as a meeting point for their ideas. New York has always been close to us since living there in the nineties; it remained an important part of the conversations we engaged with through the years. With this new project we seek to establish even stronger connections to institutions, artists, and art professionals who have accompanied us across our evolution. It is a way to maintain and confirm our commitment to the development of the artistic current that lives and breathes in the city.” In advance of the gallery’s official launch in May 2018, kurimanzutto new york will activate its project space with by presenting an installation by Abraham Cruzvillegas from his ongoing series Autoconstrucción—on view from April 2–May 12, 2018. A fundamental part of the artist’s practice is influenced by the collaborative building process undertaken by dwellers of improvised urban settlements around the world—favelas, barrios, slums, or shanti towns—who rely on recycled and scavenged materials to ingeniously, but often precariously, respond to their rapidly changing living situations. Composed of a constellation of locally-found objects suspended throughout the project space, the installation at kurimanzutto new york represents Cruzvillegas’ continuing exploration of placemaking and identity. Concurrently, Abraham Cruzvillegas will present a multidisciplinary performance at The Kitchen that combines elements of theater, music, and dance in a harmonic activation of an assemblage of found-objects. On view from April 5–7, 2018, the performance will be anchored by a site-specific sculpture similarly composed of found materials sourced in New York, that will be suspended within The Kitchen and triggered by the artist and two renowned performers that have long collaborated with him: Bárbara Foulkes, an Argentinian dancer and choreographer; and Andrés García Nestitla, a dancer and musician from the Huasteca region of Mexico. kurimanzutto new york will be overseen by Senior Director Lissa McClure and Director Bree Zucker. about the gallery In 1999, Mónica Manzutto and José Kuri were approached by Gabriel Orozco with the idea of opening a gallery that would represent the new generation of artists in Mexico to which he belonged. kurimanzutto’s primary aim was to promote the careers of these artists and adapt to the varied and experimental projects it undertook. Initially a nomadic enterprise, its projects occupied disparate spaces across the urban landscape of Mexico City, and became the core of the first generation of its artists’ practice. In time, a warehouse space became available to the artists and kurimanzutto for different ventures that required both an arena of freedom and unbound space. In 2008, kurimanzutto opened a permanent gallery space in Mexico City, yet the gallery continues to search for places outside the white-cube to carry forward its original vision. 2018 marks the gallery’s exploration of new regions with the opening of a project space in New York.


el 26 nov de 2020


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Exposiciones de kurimanzutto

Miguel Calderón. Retrovisor, 2020. Cortesía del artista / Courtesy of the artist
31 ene de 2020 - 03 abr de 2020

Interrogatorio Inverso

Páramo / Guadalajara, Jalisco, México

Damián Ortega
16 nov de 2019 - 01 feb de 2020

Damián Ortega

Adrian Rosenfeld Gallery / San Francisco, California, Estados Unidos

Danh Vo
26 oct de 2019 - 14 dic de 2019

Danh Vo

kurimanzutto / Ciudad de México, Distrito Federal, México

Miguel Calderón — Cortesía de kurimanzutto
Desde 28 nov de 2020

Siembra III

kurimanzutto / Ciudad de México, Distrito Federal, México

12 oct de 2020 - 03 ene de 2021


Cabinas telefónicas de Nueva York / Nueva York, New York, Estados Unidos

Siembra: Ad Minoliti & Zadie Xa
Desde 07 sep de 2020

Siembra II

kurimanzutto / Ciudad de México, Distrito Federal, México

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