Ana Beltrán Porcar

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Nacimiento: 1986 en L' Alcora, Castellón, España
Residencia: Reside en Castellón, España
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Ferias a las que asiste : #3+1. Feria de arte emergente
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Descripción del Artista

Spanish painter Ana Beltrán Porcar (L’Alcora, Castellón). Combines personal painting production and interdisciplinary projects. The Spanish painter Ana Beltrán Porcar was born in L’Alcora, Castellón, 1986. Always interested in Arts, she has specialized in this field since high school, studying at l’Escola d’Arts i Oficis of Castellón, with cum laude price. Ana graduated with academic excellence award in Fine Arts at the Polytechnic University of Valencia, in 2009 and studied a Master’s Degree in Art Production. During the artistic formation, she enriches her studies and experiences with scholarships that allow her to study abroad: Ana studied a year in Venice, Italy (2006-2007), of which highlights her collaboration in the Biennale di Venezia as assistant of a guest artist, Odili Donald Odita. Ana finished Fine Arts in Mexicali, Mexico (2008-2009) where she made her first international exhibitions. She has worked in other abroad programs like Madeira, Portugal, or Seoul, South Korea were she developed more her work about culture, people, experiences… Ana is specialized in painting, but she is also interested in other arts such as photography and animation. She complemented her formation with some college courses and a grade in Animation Art and Industry, at the UPV, the practices carried out in Mexico (2007-2008). Currently, Ana has enjoyed some artistic prices, and she continues producing new projects and doing exhibitions. At this time, she combines the artistic production of a personal and innovative paint works with the organization of exhibitions and interdisciplinary projects with other artist performing in Somtresons+A quartet, making concerts for children and music shows with other colleagues, collaborations with other musicians as Marko "Soki", etc.


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Exposiciones en las que ha participado como artista

Lo deleitable
15 abr de 2016 - 14 may de 2016

Lo deleitable

Menuda Galeria / Castellón, España

Arte Intruso: Mujeres mitológicas
06 dic de 2013 - 29 dic de 2013

Arte Intruso: Mujeres mitológicas

Centro Comarcal de Humanidades Cardenal Gonzaga Sierra Norte / La Cabrera, Madrid, España

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