Mélanie Desriaux

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Nacimiento: 1981 en La Rochelle, Poitou-Charentes, Francia
Residencia: Reside en Francia
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Publicada el 10 jul de 2017      Vista 15 veces

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Born in 1981 in La Rochelle, Mélanie Desriaux lives and works in France. She graduated from the School of Fine Arts (Rennes, France, 2006), and obtained Higher Competitive Exam in Education, in the Visual Arts, with Photography as a major subject (Aix-en-Provence, France, 2010). Ever since, she has shared her work between artistic orders, teaching and personal research. She also works in the editorial design of artists books. Mélanie Desriaux shows her work in France and abroad. From 2006 to 2012, she exhibited her work at Le Radar Gallery (Bayeux, France), Art & Essai Gallery (University of Rennes 2, France), and the Federal University of Bahia, Brazil. Her work in the prison of Saint-Martin (Ré island, France) was selected by Carceropolis, along Jane Evelyne Atwood’s work for instance. It is regularly published by the Prison International Observatory, and used by production company as Phare Ouest for instance. In 2015, she won a scholarship for a wandering photographic tour in The United States. Her point of view of the Oregon trail earned her the first Fisheye magazine Jury Prize, handed over by Theo Gosselin and Maud Chalard. In 2016, she was selected by Pascal Amoyel to exhibit this work in Bowen Island (Vancouver, Canada) for FotoFilmic / PULP Gallery & Store. Also, she has been part of the David Stewart’s selection among 20 finalists for Youthhood, Life Framer Photography Prize. Her works was published by C41 magazine for instance. In 2017, Mélanie Desriaux will show pictures produced with Observatory of Paris (France), for the 350 years of the site.


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01 jul de 2017 - 15 jul de 2017


Camera Infinita / Almada, Setubal, Portugal

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