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Antoni Miralda: The Maggic Banquet
Evento finalizado
feb 2018


Publicada el 06 feb de 2018      Vista 58 veces

Descripción de la Exposición

As part of the Living Together Performance Series, The Maggic Banquet, a participatory food-performance by the internationally acclaimed Miami and Barcelona-based artist Antoni Miralda, will celebrate our city’s diverse cultural heritage by tracing the culinary history of Maggi, the ubiquitous and universal seasoning brand. Presenting dishes from the kitchens of Miami’s various ethnic groups—all made with Maggi—in an altar-like buffet, Miralda explores the commodification and globalization of food and tradition. Accompanied by music, a special beverage, and a zine published with recipes in English, Spanish, and Creole, The Maggic Banquet will turn the parking lot of EXILE Books into a food-for-thought artwork.


el 06 feb de 2018