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sep 2012
dic 2012


Cuándo: 29 sep de 2012 - 09 dic de 2012
Inauguración: 29 sep de 2012
Dónde: Fábrica ASA / Covas, Braga, Portugal
Organizada por: Fábrica ASA
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Descripción de la Exposición

Artistas: Alicja Karska & Aleksandra Went, André Cepeda, Dorota Nieznalska, Eduardo Matos, Frederico Lobo y Tiago Hespanha, Grzegorz Klaman, Julita Wojcik, Konrad Pustola, Mariusz Waras, Patrícia Azevedo Santos, Pedro Bandeira, The Decorators.



Buildings and Remnants is an essay-project looking at post-industrial spaces through diverse conditions of buildings and materials. The project´s most immediate aim is to commission a group of readings of the Guimarães and Vale do Ave, departing from ASA factory, and amplifying it with other locations and wider concerns in Europe. It is an experimental project, playing with different findings, archives and visual formats, articulating several fields of knowledge, so to essay a multidisciplinary reflection on post-industrial spaces and buildings.


Buildings and Remnants focuses on existing architectures and structures and explores it in different perspectives and scales: a techno-scientific reading of the potentiality of buildings, materials and the machinic, along with other less physical dimensions of materiality, as the concepts of performativity, spatiality, affectivity, or the even the concept of romantic. The project explores an interdisciplinary reading of post-industrial architecture, space and of industrial heritage through the perspective of visual culture, architecture and cinematic image, exploring in its unfolding the research tools of history, anthropology, or archeology (as field work, or as the documentation of traces).


Buildings and Remnants materializes in three parts: an exhibition, a program of conferences and a book with visual and methodological strands around the post-industrial. The exhibition will explore found-objects, materials, footage, and spatial structures, inviting authors and artists concerned, specifically, with the cultural dimension of physical space and with its intersections with the fields of cultural production - anthropology, ethnography, history or politics. The project includes a conference that will attend to the potentialities and the futures of factories, warehouses and settlements. On Buildings and Remnants is a public gathering intending to trigger a dialogue in Guimarães with a group of professionals actively working in and researching on industrial buildings. From industrial institution directors, to architectural authors, to curators and other cultural agents working with post-industrial buildings, the conferences intend to hear several experiences with buildings, whether in appropriated, adapted, rebuilt factories, or, in ruins of industrial settlements.



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